Jim Carrey on Power Of Intention

23 Feb

Jim CarreyOn the Power Of Intention

Jim Carrey as you have never seen him before. His honest, candid, humble self discussing openly his life-long pursuit for meaning and purpose, his encounters with Awakening and his optimistic view of the emerging “New Earth”.


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Jim Carrey on Spirituality and Overcoming Depression

As one who has had his bouts with depression, Jim Carrey reveals how important his spirituality is to his wellbeing

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Jim Carrey Spiritual Awakening – DMT Experience He is In The Know

Psilocybin “Magic” mushrooms contain psilocybin. The human brain contains a gland called the pineal gland.

When it’s bed time, the pineal gland release melatonin into the blood stream to make the body sleepy. Once asleep, the pineal gland releases DMT naturally into the blood stream allowing a person to dream while in deep sleep.

Psilocybin is a DMT compound allowing a person to dream while consciously awake; this is called the 4th dimension, for one is able to see the spiritual world and the physical world at the same time. Psilocybin has been used as a spiritual medicine by shamans for thousands of years.

Shamans used to use psilocybin mushrooms to create enough electromagnetism with their pineal glands in order to bring about the rain (ie rain dances). Shamans have connected psilocybin mushrooms to telepathic abilities, weather change, and the ability to control one’s reality through love and limitless creativity. A person that uses psilocybin comes to the awareness of the connectivity between all things in the universe electromagnetically.

Link to Youtube

Disclaimer: If one is to ever ingest psilocybin mushrooms, one should ensure they are in a stay-put and safe environment. Driving is a bad idea while under the influence of psilocybin. It’s best to be in an environment that is familiar to the user, and familiar pictures and music always help. The effects are best noticed in the dark and in total silence. Cannabis can be used to subside any effects of nausea. Alcohol does not go well with Psilocybin. Psilocybin is completely non-toxic, yet psilocybin has been made federally illegal, for it threatens society, for it eliminates fear, and society is based on fear. Period.


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