We are Magnetic Power and Energy

25 Feb
by Fifth Dimension on Thursday, 24 February 2011 at 17:06

“Mecca Is Centrally Located On Earth According To Photos From Nasa!

There Is A Dark Hanging Sphere Known As Earth That Emits Radiation! This Short Wave Radiation Has Been Known To Come From Mecca! When They Noticed This Radiation Emanating From There, They Zoomed In On It, And Found Out It Was Coming From Ka’ba! They Wanted To Know The Effect This Had, Not Only In Ka’ba, But Worldly, For They Had Found The Radiation Was Infinite!

When Mars Was Visited By Nasa, They Took Photos of Earth, And Found The Radiation Continued Well Beyond Mars!

Upon Their Findings of The Short Wavelength of Radiation They Found Special Characteristics Involved! This Radiation Was Not Only Physical, But Celestial, Connected To Ka’ba!

Imagine You Are In The North Pole And I Am In The South Pole! In The Middle There Is What Is Known As The Magnetic Equilibrium Zone, If You Place A Compass There The Needle Will Not Move, For The Pole Is Equal From Both Sides! This Is Known As The Zero Magnetism Zone, Since The Magnetic Force Has No Effect There!

This Is Why If Someone Travels To Mecca And Lives There, He Lives Longer And Is Healthier, And Is Less Effected By Earth’s Gravity! This Is Why If You Circle Ka’ba, You Get Charged With Energy! This Is A Scientific Fact Because You Are Distant From The Earth’s Magnetic Fields Which Has No Effect On You! There Is A Reason Now, For Why The Earth’s Magnetic Fields Are Shifting! We Have Been In The Dark Long Enough, And It Is Time For The Truth To Prevail, And Changes To Be Made Known Publicly!

There Are Black Basalt Rocks In Mecca, That Are The Oldest Rocks In The World, When These Rocks Were Taken From Mecca,  An Investigation Took Place As To Where They Were Formed!

In A British Museum There Are Three Pieces of Black Stone From Ka’ba, It Is Written That These Rocks Did Not Come From Our Solar System!

Bottomline, Our Pre-Conditioned Environment Worldwide Is A Set Up! These Hindrances Were Put Into Place Intentionally To Age And Sicken Us! It Is Only Through The Intervention From Other Worldly ET’s To Supply Us With  Updated Advanced Technology Can We Ever Possibly Move Forward Onto Heaven On Earth!

If Energies of Such Magnitude And Power Are Used Against Us, And We As A Whole Are ALL Creator gods, Then We As Earthlings/Creator gods,  Have The Power To Make Extraordinary Changes In The World!

With This Knowledge Alone, Along With The Power of Crystal Healing, Pyramids, And Other Forms of Magnificent Power And Energy, We Are On The Brink of HUGE AMAZING Transformations, Knowledge, Wisdom And Power! This Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg!

Image: Ormus and Pyramids, see link http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/pyramids.htm

As A Born Gnostic/Spiritualist Myself, I Live For Truths Such As This, To Spark My Enthusiasm And Curiosity And Propel Me Further Into The Field of Potentiality! This Is Why We Are Here On Earth Starseeds, To Pioneer Through What We Know In Our Hearts To Be True!

To Open Up A Pandora’s Box, And Boldly Go Where No Sheeple Has Ever Dared To Venture Into Before! For We Are The Trend Setters, The Myth Busters, The Bold Fearless Leaders Who Delve Into The Unknown Saving Mother Earth From Destructive Energetic Patterns!

Your Mind, Your Energy, Your Knowledge, Your Wisdom, Your Inner Power Is Shifting The Planet From Chaos Into Light And Love! You Are An Important Part of This Amazing Transitional Period We Are Going Through! And Do Not Ever Doubt That You Are Not!

I Am Ready To Change The World Into A World of TRUTH ~ LOVE ~ LIGHT ~ POWER ~ PEACE! And I Welcome Others To Join Me, With Open Hearts/Minds To Create An Even Stronger Christ Consciousness!

When You Read Or Visualize Pictures On You Tube Videos And Share Them, You Are Allowing Others To Step Into The New Matrix, Where Their Minds Open Up Even More To Their Soul Truths! You Are A Connector of Energetic Light That Sparks The Minds of Others Into A Whole New Realm of Thinking! You Are Needed!”

Immense Light & Love Now And Forever!

Sapphire Stone

Comment: “The Black Stone of Kaaba or Mecca in Arabic, is called Al-hajar Al-aswad. The word Kaaba – Ka’ba – Ka’bah – means Cube.” from Crystalinks

Could this be linked to METATRON’s CUBE?

Read more about Metatrons Cube here

A brief description about the native American about the new Tribe of people of all races that will raise to save Mother earth and it A brief description about the native American about the new Tribe of people of all races that will raise to save Mother earth and its living beings

Link to Youtube


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