Secret Codes and 2012

10 Sep


This video is called “Jaxwell2012” part 8 (I found it when I searched on ‘torah code +maya’, I will upload more about ancient scriptures, prophecies, codes and mysteries regarding 2012.

From Youtube Channel:

“Solstice – Galactic Centre Conjunction: John Major Jenkins has finally decoded the meaning behind the Mayan Great Cycle. In his book Maya Cosmo genesis 2012, he shows that the Great Cycle is a fifth and final cycle in the 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes, except that the Mayans measured it from the Winter Solstice instead of the Spring Equinox. On 21/12/2012, the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which the Maya called the Mouth of the Crocodile, (or jaguar-toad); the Crocodile Tree being the Milky Way itself.

This is the widest part of the Milky Way, and corresponds to the direction of the center of the galaxy. As the alignment occurs, the Earth will align with the plane of the galaxy and pass onto the other side,** causing a field effect energy reversal, allowing us to resonate with the source of the field. This will be the completion of the human spiritual embryogenesis which is measured by the Mayan Long Count calendar, culminating in a pole shift in the collective psyche, and the birth of our Higher Selves. This last day of the Great Cycle, the Maya called Creation Day.

Hopi Tribal Prophecy: Oh Shinnah says the “Great Purification” will be over by 2011 and says “it will be marked by the appearance of a new star”.

Inca Prophecy: Wi1laru Huayta, a Peruvian “spiritual messenger” says that 2013 is the end of the Inca calendar, and in that year – a “huge asteroid” 3 times larger than Jupiter will pass close to earth, causing cataclysms that will kill off most of humankind.

The Bible Code; Michael Drosnin’s book, The Bible Code, tells the story of a code apparently discovered in the torah, which has now been verified by mathematicians and code-breakers, predicts all major news items from the holocaust to Hiroshima. More recent events have been decoded before they happened, including the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy comet with Jupiter. The date of the collision was found to be encoded months before it happened. As for the future, the last encoded date is 2126 -seventh month – when comet Swift-Tuttle is predicted to return to the solar system, just as astronomers have already predicted. However, in 2012, a comet is predicted which will crumble into pieces and/or annihilate the earth. “//

Copied from underneith the video


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