A Mysterious Message

11 Sep

(UPDATED, *see underneith the video)  -please bare with me, this post is under construction, I will continue on it, and will let you know here at the top when it is edited next time. The “save draft” button doesn’t work so I have to press the “Update” button. Thank you for your patience. Edited material is within “MY COMMENT”


Today it happened AGAIN.

I was visiting church, (a christian one) and they had guests of muslim faith, buddhism and judaism. It was amazing. I got very moved, so moved I did not want to talk to anyone after, so I left after the reverent had talked. He was wicked. A PASSIONATE caucasian priest, imagine that? I have heard african-american priests, latino (didn’t understand a word but I still wanted to dance and join the audience cheering, lol, it was enchanting) but swedish priests are very laid back and soft, almost lame (sorry I love you guys but really, compared to PASSION you are lame 😉 I felt so blessed that so many people are WAKING UP now, it was so beautiful, and the rest of the day, I felt in love with the world again. I have forgotten how I used to feel many many years ago… it is like I have been someone else, or supressed, and now I am starting to be able to breath and see the Light again, MY LIGHT, and I want to cry of happiness.

So, I took a walk, and sat down in a park to enjoy the scenery as well as contemplate on the 911 event and how it has affected mankind. I had inner discussions going through what I had picked up during the day. While I sat there, I noticed a woman eyeing me, and I who are shy thought I offended her or that she was perhaps under the influence. I did not want any attention so I imagined me disappearing behind an invisible cloak, a desperate wish *lol* Now, in hindsight, I believe she might have been under the influence, but not by what I thought.

As I left the table to throw away my trash, I found a paper at the top of all litter, squeeky clean, not a spot on it, as if it was just put there… it IMMEDIATELY caught my attention 100%. I got so absorbed of the content on the paper I completely forgot everyone around me, so I cant say if anyone noticed me picking it up (of course ‘they’ did!).

Here is the picture and the title of page no 1 that was left in the box (click on the link).
(I have not read this myself yet. I will get back later after I have read The Message)

A video for this occasion is in its place, I believe.


the content which is of importance IS simple the paper I found with the headline and the image, possibly not his theories…  To clarify what I find to be of importance here, I will copy into this post what it is I was given:

Did Aliens Bring Religion to Earth ?

There are compelling reasons that they did.

“Chariots of the Gods”, Erich Von Daniken couldn’t have said it more clearly. I have always been a hard core realist: if there is no proof, if you can’t measure it or there is no mathematical formula; it just doesn’t exist. That has always been my opinion about FLYING SAUCERS and GOD.

The above artwork was created by space artist, David A Hardy. You can find more of his fine work at http://www.spaceart.org

Then, Erich Von Daniken opened A WHOLE NEW REALITY, something I could accept, that made sense, and the proof was in the scriptures. The strange thing about it was that as I studied flying saucers, I realized that I had already had three sightings as a child, but did not know what I was looking at then. If God is driving a flying saucer, there has to be a reason why they gave us religion.//

// MY COMMENT: ~ I like the investigative approach to this topic – the topic called “religion” and the Biblical events being linked to Space (and beings ‘coming from’ Space, interacting with ‘humans’ on Planet Earth).

HOWEVER, I can’t bother about the constant conspiratorical ideas of how “The Aliens/Gods” sought to supress/control mankind through the religious scriptures. IF one does take into approach that especially during this last century (20th century) SCIENCE has been used by (yes by WHOM… the Nazis for example, see this for example: “Controlling the Air Waves = Controlling The Mind“) specific groups throughout history which sought to control mankind, their thoughts, behaviour and belief.

Consider this. If we believe the statement that man was created in the image of God (or “those who came from the sky”) then WHY would they create the human organism with built in glands that could be accessed by the mind to enter a sort of built in “StarGate” ~ see “The Pineal Gland is a StarGate” ~  ONLY to keep us from using it? Does that sounds logic? Especially if one takes into consideration that in the past, there where temples, massive gigantic complexes with extremely impressive calculations with respect of how energies interacted with the human body. (I will go into that later) These places where intuned with the planet itself, its minerals and energies from space, all designed to empower the organism. (I will go into this later, and if it was only used by the priveliged, and how the knowledge where shared or not, this I will share by invastigating various sources. It will have links to StarGates.)

Here is a video regarding the Pineal Gland being a StarGate – it will spin those cogs in your brain, to start thinking outside the box:

What was/has been and ARE being done, is “terrestrial” forces (who they are, their origin and why they do it, is an interestic topic in its own right, which can be further investigated later on in this blog…or at least theories presented about it) – so, TERRESTRIAL forces (i.e. ‘a dude’ in an office which on the surface holds a seemingly boring burocratic position and seem to cause no trouble, could in fact be the biggest treason to mankind, disguised behind a dull, beige/grey, unspecific character) these dudes could exhibit power over extremely important resources via their department, influencing great power through their specific titles/professions and or “expertise” priveliges – lets spill it, they ARE the movers and shakers, but they might NOT be dressed like an MTV pimp. These are the men in the shadow, or their frontmen. WHAT are THEY linked too? Really?

I do believe we have two sides earths issues – the good guys and the bad guys. Some call them the white hats and the black hats. But, who knows, perhaps they cross dress, since we can’t really say for sure if black really is white or vice versa, since it is all done to conceal and cover up. Remember that Mr Clark Kent looked like a nerd but he turned out to be Superman..

or The Phantom: //”He then took his father’s skull and swore an oath upon it, ” I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice! And my sons, and their sons, shall follow me! “.

Thus originated the first Phantom.

He became friends with the various local tribes and dedicated his life to fighting injustice and cruelty. Known under various Aliases –

The Ghost Who Walks: When the Phantom is in his outfit and battling injustice, he is known as such. In this form, jungle people and other tribes know him to be a ghost who has lived for more than 400 years. In this form, the Phantom patrols the Bangallan area with his base of operations being deep inside the jungle.

Mr. Walker:
This is the manner in which the Phantom presents himself to the outside world. He wears a long overcoat with blue trousers and a hat. His face is concealed in dark glasses. No one even knows his first name, all call him ‘Mr. Walker’.

Mysterious Commander: Unknown to The Jungle Patrol, the Phantom is the Commander in Chief of the unit. He leaves messages and orders inside the Colonel’s locker which he accesses via a secret tunnel. No one knows who the sender is, so they refer to him as “the Mysterious Commander”.//

~ all around us, are people working hard to fight against injustice, being crime fighters, meanwhile some work hard to corrupt and destroy. Neither of them wish to be exposed since they have an advantage point in keeping lowkey. This is what most conspiracy theorists are busy investigating and pinpointing – who is who. The various groups plant material as disinformation for bloggers and participants on various forums, which they throw themselves over like a box of candy and the material is spread like a wildfire via the non mainstream channels (as intended by those who do leak or whistleblow, be it authentic or not) – some are new in “the game” and will believe all sensationalistic discoveries being “exposed”, others are so rugged they simple do not believe in ANYTHING anymore 😉 Lets just say it takes alot to impress them or shock them, also, to be proven as someone who is “for real”.

Back to the question on who targets mankinds built in biological computer bridge or starfleet commandcenter? (i.e. built into the human body, that too will be delt with in other posts).

Based on a reality check, fact shows that toxic material is pumped into the human system through all the ways possibly, based on human survival it is basic needs (food, water, air, medicine). These are necessities, those areas are targeted especially, and dominated by vested interests which serves a deeper ideological conviction. (And possibly other covert interests which we can go into later). These are the very foundation of human life on planet earth, and the one who controls these areas are controlling mankind. In modern society we have grown accustom to a system which offers us conveniant supply of the lifestyles we seek. (in the western developed countries) Comfortable instruments that provides us with a supply source of imported and exported goods, services, technique and manpower (also the “soft” wealth/treasure/values such a knowledge and information.)

Those who control the boards of these hubs are controlling mankind. This is why we have wars, since there are more ideologies, desires and men seeking that position then can be offered. The psychopaths are simply too many for the positions to be enough.


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