11.11.11 Global Musical Prayer for Peace

26 Sep

Experience an event designed to promote inner-peace,
raise collective awareness and create a unique chance for World Peace.

Link to video

United By Music

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

The world’s most spiritually inspired musicians will unite in a Global Musical Prayer for Peace

Link to video

Faith in Each Other

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

A Global Musical Prayer for Peace from the heart of the world’s three monotheistic religions

Manger Square Bethlehem & the Church of Nativity

(Permission from Bethlehem and the Palestinian Government)

Believe In Yourself

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

BE part of a global movement for Peace

“Imagine a space in your busy life where the only intention is to celebrate and experience Peace. Imagine this peace as more than the absence of war, and more that the absence of noise, worry and even fear. This feeling of peace is available to us all the time, however, most of us find this hard to remember much less choose to experience this simple reality. So now, imagine creating this space, a personal alter of peace for yourself, on a specific day for 6 hours. Now imagine yourself and everyone you know all on the same day at the same time, at the same alter…Your neighbors, your family and friends, all the people you have ever met and new friends with whom you will soon connect… all having the hippest, most mind-blowingly cool, heart-opening, inspiring, authentic, collaboratively created peace experience ever had.

Project-Peace On Earth is a digitally distributed global Musical Prayer for Peace that enables the world’s most spiritually inspired and famed musicians to perform from comfort of their home, a personal or historic sacred site, while on tour or during a concert or from the central host concert stage of Manger Square, Bethlehem, and plug into a unified global broadcast for peace on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11).”

Link to video

“Our dream Stage for Manger Square. Your financial support brings this vision into a reality.”

(This rendering of the Manger Square Bethlehem concert event Stage was developed and created by Robert de Vico, PPOE Production Designer )

This live peace transmission will originate from the world and come to Manger Square Bethlehem, and then transmit from Manger Square back to the world, a continuous feed of inspiring sacred music from top musicians around the world, accompanied by the insightful wisdoms of today’s leading thinkers and celebrities.

The experience will use the latest in satellite and Internet networking technology to join the musicians of the world in a 6-hour transmission of Peace. The transmissions from additional sacred sites may also be mixed into a virtual concert environment and then beamed out through existing TV, Radio, and Internet networks around the world.

Special performances from remote sacred sites will create live-interactive musical bridges allowing musicians around the world to participate and collaborate in the event from wherever they are.

The internet has literally hardwired the collective consciousness, and thus created an empowering medium to spark interactive movements that can inspire and engage tens of millions to be the change, create new possibilities and do their part in creating real and lasting peace in our world. Project-Peace on Earth will harness this viral power of the Internet through creating a series of powerful calls to action.

It will later give a worldwide audience a looking glass
into how each of us can make a difference and make the world a better place.

Project-Peace on Earth, LLC is a Los Angeles-based organization promoting what will be a worldwide telecast concert of superstar musicians performing inspiring and sacred music from the some of the most mystical sites on the planet including from the host venue, Manger Square Bethlehem in Palestine.

Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO/Executive Producer of Project-Peace on Earth and is joined and supported by many of the top names in: Music, Film, Dance, Television, Mobile Phone, Global Internet Concert, Broadcast & Live Concert production & Design, Branding and Marketing, Science/Physics, Higher Education, Personal/Spiritual Development, Fine Art, Holistic & Allopathic medicine, Mobile Medical Vehicles/Clinics and World Travel/Touring and Exploration.”

Peter Rodger: Writer, Producer, Director of The Question (Oh My God)

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 1 Aug 2011
Peter Rodger: Writer, Producer, Director of: The Question (Oh My God) is an Advisory Board member of Project-Peace on Earth. He describes the importance of the power of music to unite us and the importance of the PPOE worldwide musical prayer for peace.

Sussan Deyhim, famed Iranian Sufi singer and Musical Ambassador for Project-Peace on Earth

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 27 Jun 2011
Sussan Deyhim, famed Iranian Sufi singer and Musical Ambassador for Project-Peace on Earth discusses the sacredness of music and its power to help us heal the psychic wounds we collectively hold in the face of the horrors we have historically inflicted on one another. Project-Peace on Earth concert scheduled for 11.11.11 taking place from Manger Square Bethlehem and other worldwide sacred sites.

Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero, Musical Ambassador for PPOE

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 1 Aug 2011
Alex Ebert, founder and lead singer of the famed rock group Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros discusses the the mystical nature of music and the importance of the Project-Peace on Earth worldwide musical prayer for peace.

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 2 Sep 2011
Hani Naser, Musical Ambassador of Project-Peace on Earth discusses the spiritual importance of music within the context of creating a worldwide musical prayer for peace and from the holy site of Bethlehem


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