Quantum Astrology

30 Sep

Quantum Astrology –Trailer
In this fascinating DVD, astrologer Rick Levine offers audiences a unique and comprehensive perspective on the sacred science and art of Astrology. Handed down to us from our ancient ancestors, this mystical science of the stars and planets was designed to provide us with a greater understanding of both the physical and spiritual nature of our lives. Using the outer planets’ rhythms as his foundation, Levine unveils and clearly demonstrates the impact of cosmic cycles—not only on our personal lives but also on significant historical events.

Assisted by many computer animations that bring these teachings to life, Rick Levine shows us an astonishing array of facts that reveal the inner essence of Astrology and the flow of time. Through his insightful analysis we see that time itself can be mapped and understood through the complete understanding of planetary movement and the cycles of history. In a clear and straightforward manner, he unfolds a 21st century vision of this ancient science and reveals its relationship to the bewildering world of Quantum Physics, and its relevance to these fast moving and rapidly changing times.
The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2006
Rick Levine’s Quantum Astrology

Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and Our Place in the Cycles of History is a new DVD written and narrated by Rick Levine. Levine begins with a clear introduction to quantum theory and closes with evocative ideas about the current “paradigm shift” (related to outer-planet activity in both 1965 and 1993) that we are only just beginning to “dip our toes into.” Between these grand bookends of ideas, Levine traces outer-planet cycles and historical and cultural events. Special attention is paid to the Saturn- Pluto conjunction from 379CE and the conquest of Rome by the Visigoths, to the September 11, 2001 events in the United States. The DVD’s terrific graphics of the planets’ movements and cycles relative to the Earth and the Sun really give a visceral sense of the larger picture. Various maps and artistic reproductions are also included.

“Prepare to gain a deeper understanding of the physical and spiritual nature of human existence as longtime astrologer Rick Levine demonstrates the profound effect of the cosmic cycles on both a personal and more universal level. With the assistance of computer animation to better illustrate his points, host Levine offers both insight into the flow of time and how planetary movement can be utilized in the mapping of time itself. A study in the relation between astrology and quantum physics illustrates the new direction in which the ancient practice of astrology is headed, and offers a compelling look at the role that it plays in a high energy-era of constant movement and change.”
~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

“Astonishing..insightful analysis.
Reveals the inner essence of Astrology.”
Nexus Magazine

“Revealing facts and history through computer animation, this DVD provides a contemporary vision of astrology and connects it to quantum physics. “
San Diego Union Tribune

Quantum Mechanics / Physics and Astrology

Link to video

Quantum Astrology a New Super Science

Link to video


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