What do You see ‘in’ me?

30 Sep

The Human Body…

What is it that fascinates us so much, to “worship”/adore, admire, desire or hate this divine blueprint.. this image of God created into this 3 dimensional existance which we refer to as our reality, our world in which we ‘live’.

…a walking, talking supercomputer? A holographic interactive conciousness field vibrating into materia, becoming a solid matter by the Word of God? This form which bridges complex intelligences to playful experiences with deadly consequences in field expeditions we call “life”.

An organic “machine” filled with chemical, electrical and at times ‘supernatural’ effects. The human body, a wonder, a mystery, so thurully investigated and experimented on, – and still so misunderstood, so abused, so violated and deliberately trashed into limited primitive functions auto-piloted by primal instincts such as survival, fight or flight, alarm and terror. CONTROL…  Manipulation tool… A fun, loved, sensual plaything?

One can see beauty in this divine template, one could see an enemy… one can see a product of a limited mind expressing it self through a body language designed by its cultural heritage, an expression telling more about the structures put in place within the area of those “living” there… we call it ‘society’.

Who’s mind influences the templet making up the geometry in your area? Is it sacred or a sacrelige to your divine templet?

Are you comfortable within these fields, or does your body signal discomfort by negative feelings making your body feel tense or creating dis~ease?

If you inform others of your discomfort, do they understand you, or are their comfortably numb, blissfully unaware or still in a Matrix system in which they cannot pick up what your body, mind and spirit are recieving from the field?

As one visits a place and interacts with its inhabitants – does one say “they are like that”, or … are one part of the new paradigm, hence capable of viewing things from deeper, more complex and multidimensional viewpoint?

That is the question… not to be or not to be, but, who am I interpreting the signals in the visual spectrums reaching my sensory system and what are the interpretations I make really saying about my level of awareness of this existance AND of the frequency range this biological system are “living” in….

I wish to push the limit of our view, on the divine template in organic form which we call “human body”. But I also wish to expand our choise, the menu, from which we can choose to interpret what we THINK we see – as we “take a closer look”… look deeper, but also, zoom out…

WHAT ARE WE?! And how can we feel good? In body, mind and spirit.
How about finding out, the various levels of what we are?
Are we more then meets the eye?

Video uploaded by Sacred Mysteries, about “Healing the Luminous Body”
—> Trailer‬‏  

Link to video


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