♫♥ All Bells Are Ringing on 11.11.11 ♫♥ ( A call to all Religions to be ONE again )

3 Oct

Uploaded by BetterWorld4YouAndMe on 29 Jan 2011


Quote by ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE 11-11-11:

~ “When enough of us with shared intention gather in consciousness to activate our ‘Personal Peace Field’ we will activate the PLANETARY PEACE FIELD. When this planetary field is activated it will begin to steadily influence the consciousness (thoughts, choices, responses, reactions and feelings) of leaders and decision-makers all over the world.

Instead of reacting with anger people will start to pause before acting, there will be a moment of consciousness, a moment where the light can get in and they make a choice in favour of peaceful collaboration rather than competition, compassion rather than conflict. A new collective consciousness will be born one new peaceful thought at a time. It WILL happen. The process has already begun…

This is based in science, grounded in the knowledge of the Quantum Activism, Morphic Resonance [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphic_resonance#Morphic_resonance ]  and Global Coherence [ http://www.glcoherence.org ]

As within, so without. World peace starts with YOU. Your energy, your vibrational output not only attracts YOUR personal experience but sends ripples out affecting everyone around you.

When you embody the peace vibration you infuse your family with that energy. You infuse your community with that vibration. Energy is contagious!!

So start practising now. At 11:11am and 11:11pm each day PAUSE FOR PEACE. Whenever you see 11:11 PAUSE FOR PEACE. You can make a difference. Every change starts with one person. Chaos theory states that is it at times of chaos and change that the potential for creative manifestation of the new is at its peak. Our world is shifting, now is our optimal time to create change. EVERY THOUGHT COUNTS. EVERY PERSON COUNTS.



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