Mystery of The Crystal Skull (part 1)

4 Oct

“Known as the Skull of Doom, the Skull of Love, or simply the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, it is said to emit blue lights from its eyes, and has reputedly crashed computer hard drives.” …

Welcome to follow my expedition to find out more about this mysterious topic, this is a “note to self” post. I will add more info with time. Leaving you with these clues for now, to get back shortly when I have checked up the feedback in the flow (help me! “you all” know who I talk to. Yes, you. I do keep an eye on you… so I appreciate if you do/that you do help me 🙂

————– thanks!

HONDURAS has been popping up in my mind the last few days… now, I found the reasons why. This seem to be of importance for this very reason, I will check up more about Maya in Belize and its alien link.  (Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull;  “Officially found amongst the Mayan ruins in Lubantuun, Belize (at that time, British Honduras) on January 1st, 1924, but nothing was known of this artifact until 1931.)

COMBINE THIS INFORMATION with The Crystal Skulll’s piezoelectric qualities. (And btw, as Dr. Pete Peterson informed in his video, living human teeths are also piezoelectric…) [link to the post about Dr Pete Petson: ]

~~~~~~>>>> ( please check this info (note the image that says “dimensional change”?!?) : )


Info about Ultrasound:

*snippet* – “How is ultrasound made?

It’s impossible for us to make ultrasound the same way we make normal sounds—by hitting and blowing things, as we do, for example, in musical instruments. That’s because we can’t hit and blow things fast enough. But we can make ultrasound using electrical equipment that vibrates with an extremely high frequency. Crystals of some materials (such as quartz) [ link: ] vibrate very fast when you pass electricity [ link: ] through them—an effect called piezoelectricity [ link: ]. As they vibrate, they push and pull the air around them, producing ultrasound waves.

Devices that produce ultrasound waves using piezoelectricity are known as piezoelectric transducers.

Piezoelectric crystals also work in the reverse way: if ultrasound waves travelling through the air happen to collide with a piezoelectric crystal, they squeeze its surface very slightly, causing a brief burst of electricity to flow through it.

So, if you wire up a piezoelectric crystal to an electric meter [ link: ], you get an instant ultrasound detector.

Ultrasound waves can be produced using magnetism [ link: ]  instead of electricity.

Just as piezoelectric crystals produce ultrasound waves in response to electricity, so there are other crystals that make ultrasound in response to magnetism. These are called magnetostrictive crystals and the transducers that use them are called magnetostrictive transducers. (The magnetive effect is known as magnetostriction.)”//


Snippet from The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull | the most mysterious

“Officially found amongst the Mayan ruins in Lubantuun, Belize (at that time, British Honduras) on January 1st, 1924, but nothing was known of this artifact until 1931.

In the autobiography of Mitchell-Hedges – who discovered it together with his adoptive daughter Anna – we find the following information about the Skull, as told to him by the Maya: “[…] made of pure rock crystal and according to scientists it must have taken over 150 years, generation after generation, working all the days of their lives patiently rubbing down with sand an immense block of rock crystal until finally the perfect skull emerged.” He then goes on: “It is at least 3,600 years old and according to legend was used by the High Priest of the Maya when performing esoteric rites.”

The F.A. Mitchell-Hedges skull has one peculiarity: the jaw of the artifact is mobile, and was found at the same site a short while after the main part.
We can surmise that the mobility of the jaw relates to the object’s religious function, that it had to replicate a human skull as closely as possible in all its characteristics.


In theory, based on where it was found, the Crystal Skull is probably a Mayan artifact dating back to 1,600 BC. Ever since it first came to light it has been surrounded by speculation, and many theories have been proposed as to its true origin.

Many experts have attributed it to civilizations even older than the Maya, maybe even Altantis, and long-since disappeared into the mists of time, whilst other theories consider it to be handed down from an alien civilization.

Bill Homann repeatedly said that it is impossible to formulate a precise theory supported by scientific data, because it is impossible to date the object. As with the pyramids of Giza, it undoubtedly exists, but how it came into being is, for the moment, impossible to establish. Some theories maintain that it could be an incredible container of memories of universal knowledge, or even of the various cycles of humanity…a matrix for all of human possibilities in the future.

This is because, given that the Skull is made of piezoelectric quartz crystal, the same material used in computer circuitry, it cannot be dated using scientific methods, because the structure of this type of crystal remains unchanged over time, making normal scientific dating impossible.

We can, however, gain important information on the dating of the Skull from the production method used: nowadays crystals are carved following their axis. This means that in order to avoid breaking the crystal, it must be cut according to its natural structure. In this case, however, the skull was carved with total disregard for the axis. Modern production methods would unavoidably have caused the crystal to break, due to the heat and vibrations created. Another mystery lies in the fact that the skull contains three prisms and two lenses. In order to achieve this using modern technology, zero gravity conditions would be necessary.”//

~~~~~~>>>> ADD – go through this info:

*snippet* “others claim they are truly ancient, ranging from 3,600 years old to 12,000 years old or more. They are reported to have psychic qualities. They are also reported to be ancient computers, storing the history of mankind, a far different history than we are currently aware. Psychics have used it to view ancient battles and past lives, they have seen scenes from the lost continent of Atlantis.

Psychics have also channelled messages through the skull, messages about a change that is coming, a change associated with 2012. As we approach the coming change the skulls in legend are supposed to emerge, and be bought together, all 13 of them to help humanity in this time.” …

// To be followed up.


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