The Secret of Secrets

4 Oct

Cool. The feedback came VERY FAST. So here I am with an update post following the one below, which is about The Mysterious Crystalskull (The Skull of Doom OR The Skull of Love…) see here:

FEEDBACK ~~~~>>>>

Video clue no 1: “The Secret of  Secrets”


I wish to combine that video with a few others, namely the video by William Henry about STARGATES linked to Interstellar Space Particles, or the galactic SAP (serpent rope in Maya mythology) . And a video by David Wilcock – 2012 Enigma, about Project Looking Glass and the insiders experience of windows overlapping (could this be “The Doom or Love” as mentioned in relation to the Mysterious Crystal Skull, which is 2 alternative scenarious recycled in most prophecies)… Adding to this the song by Hammerfall in which the video called “Knights of the 21’st Century” they sing about:  “THE PROPHECY”. The filmclip are from the movie “The Golden Compass” . I choose this, since it was told to me by a Knights Templar, who are into stuff about The Golden Fleece, looking for The Golden Heart etc… he said he had been informed the movie “The Golden Compass” showing the “Dust” linking this world to another dimensional world, is a clue known by the insiders (yes they do spill information via movies)

… now YOU go figure, put all of the above and below, together 😉


Video clue no 2: “William Henry ~ 2012 & Stargate Wormholes”


Video clue no 3:  “David Wilcock – Project Looking Glass & 2012”


Video clue no 4: “Knights of the 21st Century”
– (The Prophecy…. The Golden Compass)



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