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This Beautiful New Birth…

5 Oct


I will address this to the global conciousness of planet “Earth” (or any name you wish to call our Mother Planet). I feel so excited and also humble, full of love. I almost hold my breath, in respect of what I feel is going on. It is truly like I am watching a caterpillar waking up from a long slumber inside its cocoon, about to break free and discover something outside of that closed box. Its discovering not only a new world, but a new self, ready to take off in a flight – where? To where it’s self chooses, hopefully driven to find nectar in a blossoming world. ~

// Fractal Caterpillar, Liddington Castle, UK (1996)

33 circles and one teardrop shape. Like coming home, back inside mother’s womb: completely protected. A possible step for Earth’s evolution: the return to Oneness. The teardrop is the link to the Sun/Moon circle (No. 9) that appeared on the same day.// from

~ I have some words of encouragements to give, I will do so via a selection of videos I hope you will take the time to absorb its message. It will speak for itself. I wish You a WONDER-FILLED time. Blessings! // Enigma Wonder’in Spirit.

“Worth fighting for!” (to all who fights ‘the dragon’ ridden by the nazgul droones, you know what I mean… symbolically speaking, not litteral)


When I feel overwhelmed, I think of this scene from Lord Of The Ring: 

[Two small figures in orc armor walk awkwardly out of the tower.
They reach a hill overlooking Mordor.]

Sam: “We did it, Mister Frodo. We made it to Mordor.”

[Frodo looks at the many orc campfires
standing between him and Mount Doom.]

Frodo: “There are so many of them.
We’ll never get through unseen!”

[From the top of the tower of Barad-dûr,
the Eye of Sauron scans the landscape.]

Frodo: “It’s Him! The Eye!”

[Frodo stands transfixed.]

Sam: “We have to go in there, Mister Frodo. There’s nothing for it.
Well, let’s make it down the hill for starters, shall we?

[The two hobbits walk down into Mordor.]

– (starts @ 5:55)


To all Brothers and Sisters – “TOGETHER, we make it through!”


and to all Caterpillars becoming a Butterfly ~


This is what I believe is the ROOT of this global movement:

The Rainbow Warriors ~