Happy Birth Day to YOU!

8 Oct

We are re-born, and parts of us die, each and every second. This is “earth time” we talk about here. Imagine the beyond. The whole of us. What are we? Parts of us are here. Are You present? ~ WHERE are YOU? 
Are You in your mind? Your heart? Out of your mind? Can we KNOW or say “I am HERE”? In relation to what, who’s concept? Who’s time table are you invited to dine @? Will the party break up or take a break, “BREAK Bread”!? 😉 Someone once said “I AM WITH YOU, ALL THE TIME…” Who is WITH You – ALL The Time…? Kronos? ~  He Wonders.


SHE said, in a responce to the above, in relation to what is below:

You KNOW – THEY are in a relation SHIP, with each ‘other’/The All. IT IS.  It is called MERKABA.



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