Space News Richard Hoagland Coast to Coast am Aug 29, 2011

8 Oct


If you don’t have over 1 hour to spare, here is a 14 min clip –

Elenin – Atlantis Space Craft


“Science advisor Richard C. Hoagland shared updates on Comet Elenin and the International Space Station (ISS). “I smell a big political rat,” he said, in reaction to a recent report that the ISS could be abandoned. “I think NASA wants to have an empty space station up there,” controlled robotically for a certain period of time, he conjectured, adding that without astronauts there to conduct maintenance, the station could fall apart.

When Comet Elenin reaches its closest point to Earth (22 million miles), it will pose no danger to us, yet because of various “hyperdimensional” measurements and parameters, Hoagland has concluded that it has a specifically designed trajectory. It’s an artificial object sent by an intelligence, possibly as a kind of time capsule by our our ancestors, he argued. It also appears to have a tetrahedral shape (see article below), which suggests it’s an actual ship with generators, computers, and controls, he continued.”


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 In tandem with his 8/29/11 presentation, Richard C. Hoagland sent us  images and this description:

Here is the latest Enterprise Elenin imaging — produced from an original NASA STEREO-B satellite video, the latter recorded during Elenin’s recent encounter with a solar CME (coronal mass ejection), August 19th.

The new image-composite (made from THREE “40-second HI-1 camera frames”) reveals several additional, startling details about Elenin’s now strikingly “tetrahedral shield” (which we discovered only last week) — that is apparently protecting “Elenin the spacecraft” (deep inside this shield) from excess solar radiation.

The well-known technique of “stacking” independent image frames, to “increase signal and suppress noise,” is an old one — used successfully by professional and amateur astronomers alike. On this composite image, the brighter “knobs” at the apex of each of the three visible tetrahedral vertices can now easily be seen, as well as the striking “rounded symmetry” of each tetrahedral “vertex.”

The full dimensions of this extraordinary “geometric force structure” now measures more than ~300,000 miles along each edge — more than 1.5 times the distance of Earth from the Moon!

Needless to say, there is NO QUESTION now regarding the artificial nature of this object/structure; in several hundred years of astronomers observing comets — including, over two decades of satellite imagery specifically to study interactions with the solar wind — such an obviously ARTIFICIAL, GEOMETRIC structure has NEVER BEEN OBSERVED.

The fact that this astonishing structure is also a precise “tetrahedron” — echoing the deeply “tetrahedral” numbers associated with Elenin’s very trajectory into the inner solar system! — is even more extraordinary. It definitely confirms that the overwhelming “message of Elenin” is– “Hyperdimensional Physics!”

In the next three days, Elenin will encounter its SECOND major CME (according to Leonid Elenin’s official website — ); at that time, the H1-2 camera on Stereo-B (and maybe on STEREO-A) will be capable of acquiring new images, hopefully gathering even more precise scientific details on this extraordinary GEOMETRIC structure.

Stay tuned. 🙂



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