Free Hugs ~ World Peace!

11 Oct

The TOP SEARCH on this blog, ever from the start, each weeek, each day – is and has always been “FREE HUGS!”. To honor those who wish to be part of this campaign, here is for you! 🙂

Peace is a hug away: Free Hugs in Jaffa, Israel
Uploaded by carmelidia on 30 Nov 2006

“after 2 months of hugging in tel aviv we’re starting to tour the country. we hugged mixed Muslim-Jewish populations in jaffa and we were accepted warmly although people warned us and even Arab friends thought it’ll be a tough crowd. i haven’t seen free hugs in any Arab country yet and i encourage the people who think it won’t work there to get inspiration from this video. music by Egyptian singer, Hakim.”

FREE HUGS for WORLD PEACE to be on International Day of Peace, Sep 21
Uploaded by VincentMarx on 29 Jul 2011

3/29/08: Anonymous’ Hug Raid in NYC
Uploaded by AnonNation on 30 Mar 2008



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