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Saturn and dimensions of reality ~ JUMP through Time

12 Oct

The second most clicked on topic in this blog is the one about SATURN, Black Cube and Judgement Day ~@

I descided a couple of hours ago that I would do a follow up. Found myself sleepless and knew it was for a reason. As I did follow some influences it turned out there was material to be shared… So here is the feedback on this restlessness this fullmooon night/day.

Kindly, Enigma W.S.




1. Dont shoot the Messenger

Charles Frith ask a good question on his blogpost “Metatrons & 5D Communications” ~@

//….”the video/ might save you time. It is worth watching if only to ask the question if ET’s are ignoring the largest communications aerial in the UK, next to the crop patterns deliberately.

===>>> !!!! (note!!) “Does that mean they don’t trust our military and government institutions? That they would prefer to communicate directly to us?”


As you move along down to watch the videos presented a picture will unfold as to WHY “aliens” would perhaps NOT trust the military or government institutions and choose to communicate to us directly! 


Continuing on Charles blog, this post is about: “Saturn & Metatron’s Cube” ~@

as he goes to show: “Y’all can see from the sacred geometry below that there’s a two dimensional Hexagon AND a three dimensional Cube right?”

more from Charles: “Not every shape within a shape can represent both 2D and 3D structure with the integrity of Metatron’s cube above, which can do a whole lot more than Hexagon and Cubes (Hexadron) and is really the DNA of platonic solids, and thus a building block to reality. If you wish the creator of the universe had metatrons cube in mind before commencing with 3D reality. It’s a transcendental form and a blueprint of life.”

//(for those that wish to learn more about Sacred Geometry and Metatrons Cube, here is a video: ) //

(Saturn ultraviolet reveils hexagon on poles)>>

“Saturn was discovered in the 70’s to have a rotating Hexagon on it’s north and south poles. Nowhere else in the universe is this the case (to our knowlege) and so we might ask ourselves a pertinent question. Why did the ancient Hebrews (and others) worshipped the black cube and Saturn right up until today?”

(image of Jewish Cube) >>

“Or rather, how did they know that Saturn has a representational Metatron’s cube when we only found out a few decades ago? The link with the Islamic Kabah is hard to ignore too if you can now see the 2 dimensional Hexagon and 3 dimensional Hexadron.”

“Saturn’s influence on our space and time are hard to ignore and I’ve now had a Damascene conversion to the inarguable influence of of Saturn on our planet as displayed by the ancient Hebrew’s AND the cosmic elites at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. I was sure before but now I’m convinced.

Oh and the good news is we got outside help on our side. The evidence has been under our noses for some time, but buckle up for the ride because there are those with everything to lose and we have EVERYTHING to gain.”


Charles, in another of his blogposts, goes into the topic ofTime Lords, Saturn and Lord of the Rings”  ~@

I will share the material/clues here>~

An image of CERN:

I will add to that image, the following short video >>
Sunflower CERN Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 6 Sep 2011

Charles did choose a video that has been removed,
so I will share this instead to link things together,
but first I will add the 2 images he posted:

I’m moving on to post some other videos >>

Is there a device under the ICE_And is time a concern for CERN
Uploaded by TheMmmast on 4 Jul 2011
Uploaded by anthonyp43 on Jul 4, 2011

“Just throwing this out there. Are cern messing with time? Is there some kind of time machine hidden 2 miles under the ice in antarctica? And saturn, the black sun, lord of time and space, does that have direct links to the earth. All this and links to watch and help you understand a bit better, underneath.”


More  >>>

The cartoon proves it was all planned, drawn in 1998
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 14 Sep 2011

Operation Dark Star
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 2 Jul 2011

Clocks in Sicily Gain Time (15th June 2011)
Uploaded by Thyalwaysseek on 15 Jun 2011

What’s Going On In Antarctica?
Uploaded by Mr2tuff on 3 Jul 2011

CERN _ LHC – Time Travel _ Black Holes
Uploaded by dwayne1138 on 22 Apr 2011

“CERN is purposefully operated internationally as to operate outside all jurisdictions. My point to all this is what has given these scientists the right to play with a machine that most people on this planet are unaware of, yet they have the power to play god and downplay the potential to destroy the world?

These people in charge of the LHC lack self-preservation instincts in similar way, like many sectarians. No evidence or theory would convince them about LHC disaster, until it really happens…”,2933,538447,00.html

LHC coordinates:
46°14’05.95”N, 6°03’14.55”E

videos from

LHC, Nazi, Stargates & Contact (1997)
Uploaded by anonymoustruther2 on 16 Apr 2011

“Did Robert Zemeckis in his movie “Contact”, of 1997, flagged the real purpose of the Large Hadron Collider and why the Illuminati have built it?  Is the LHC is a stargate device? This whole movie is based in the work of Carl Sagan and I really doubt it was just a mere entertainment.”

PROJECT PEGASUS: Disclosing time-travel-stargate technology in US military. (5 parts, part 1>)
Uploaded by undercoveralien on 12 Aug 2010

According to some whistleblowers as Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and Andrew D. Basiago, the US military has developed secret projects on time-travel and stargate technologies, for decades and under a very heavy cover up agenda. These claims could be just another conspiracy theories, if these men were not former military black ops. Engineers, expertises in electronics, physics… High IQ men that allege have worked in several projects carried by Navy, whose origins go back 40 years when 3 of the most brilliant minds of mankind were drafted to develop technologies towards the electronic camouflage of vessels, on nazi radars: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John Von Neumann, the heads of the “Philadelphia Experiment” aka “Manhattan Project” aka “Rainbow Project” and its extensions, the “Project Montauk” and “Pegasus Project”.

According to these whistleblowers the military got succeed, but not without thousands of human losses, guinea pigs in sinister tests carried across 50 years. These denounces surely would pass by sci-fi delusions, due the lack of physical evidence, if recently a singular person hadn’t confirmed the claims of these men: Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower, the american president that supposedly had several meetings with extraterrestrial beings in 1954. I gathered some neat material in this five-parts video, that may help you to figure out the whole thing and its implications to mankind.

To further investigation:………


Going back to Charles blogs about this >> “CERN and Saturn: Gyroscopes Affecting Space, Time & Gravity?” ~@

where he shares this video:

Saturn doing what its suppose too man isnt Pt2
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 29 May 2011

“This dosent end here theres more alot more”


//~~~~~~~~~~~>>> Here is the first blogpost I made about this topic >>>  SATURN, Black Cube and Judgement Day ~@





This fullmoon – It is Time for ME!

12 Oct

~ * ~

~ * ~
~ MESSAGE from Enigma Wonder’in Spirit~ 

~ * ~

The prophecised destiny that was meant to be,
are now encouraged to ‘get ready, set, free.’
There is no reason for sorrow or regret
you should celebrate this galactic ‘reset’.
Uninitiated must not try to interfear  –
no one wins if you do give in to fear!
The Alchemical Wedding is a Sacred Union,
the Royal ritual made in a Holy Communion!

~ * ~

There are ripples set in motion from afar
ancient sacred codes beyond time and space
it was sent to reach your golden solar star
the tones will transmit the divine messages
sent with love from a central mindful heart
this love will pierce through all the veils
start a process to heal what was torn apart

your ego interpret this to glorifying your self
ignoring that the foremost service is to others.
That’s a risk due the primal instinct humans got
amygdala kicks in defending ego: ‘fight or flight’
forgetting there is a higher divine conciousness.
Trust in the beyond, was denied your third eye
poisoned you all in the quest for ‘the precious’…

~ * ~

Immature over-analyzing, too much pickering
too many ranks ‘setting the record straight’…
Denying or ignoring the signs from above
the panic of loosing rigid control system …
What has The Fathers done with their time?
Wasted on conquering external domination!
Loosing contact with The Divine Feminine.

Here She is again, returned to communicate.
Enter into dialogue with suites and robes,
walk through closed doors and open eyes.
a HighPriestess Dr Quantum visits Flatland
Demand: MindSet ON! Let the cat out of the box.
Repearable Justice, Amnesty returned as an Offer.

~ Signed by  Presensce


“Zep Tepi is the ancient Egyptian tradition of Alchemy dating back to pre-dynastic time. Students of alchemical principles in the ancient Mystery Schools were introduced to the secret wisdom and became masters of Zep Tepi – the hidden mysteries of Creation (genesis). Zep means ‘time’ and Tepi means ‘first’.

In esoteric Egyptology, Zep Tepi was known as the ‘First Time’, often called the Golden Age of Alchemy, when visiting ‘godlike beings’ inhabited the land and shared their advanced spiritual technology that could shape-shift energy and transform matter. According to legend, the illuminated beings traveled from the neighboring star, Sirius, and established the original Sirian-Egyptian civilization.

They could move through time and space in the Zero Point Void, where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. The visiting gods documented the Science of Alchemy in timeless manuscripts, preserved inter-dimensionally as the Book of Knowledge, only accessible in the Zero Point Field.”

Juice News: Termination of Economy

12 Oct

Juice News: Termination of Economy
Uploaded by RussiaToday on 8 Oct 2011

Watch more at

Robert Foster in his unparalleled musical manner targets the ailing global economy. How can it be fixed? Does it need to be? Who has the guts to do what is necessary?

Special guests of the episode are (sort of) grassroots movement leaders Congressman Ron Paul and the Zeitgeist Movement founder Peter Joseph. (And also surprisingly a homicidal supercomputer on a quest to eradicate humanity and save the Earth).

It’s a news show you won’t forget…

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