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U.F.O. Flying Saucer and Sentinels in Stunning Photographs over Cinisello Balsamo – Italia 2011

16 Oct

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Yohanan Diaz presents 11 photographs of Antonio Urzi who managed to capture in Cinisello Balsamo in Italy last September 19, 2011. All credits to Antonio Urzi; Yohanan Diaz; Jaime Maussan and Staff.

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16 Oct

It is hard to keep the faith, in times of trouble. We can feel pushed down. Times are hard and the obstacles are many. There is a struggle going on in mankinds conciousness – individually and globally – to “lift the veils”. As we do so we will uncover many demanding and not always flattering secrets.

… Secrets.
There has been alot of talk about “transparency” and parallell to that, about the right to privacy, or where one draws the line; do we, anyone of us, have a right to a “private” life today? Are there people around you breaking the confidence you gave them? If so, are they repeating their lack of integrity repeatedly, or do they show signs of sincere regret and a will to start showing respect of concern to your right to a privatelife? A life can be hacked, and surveillance be done in absurdum, by a mind infected by a desire to inflict pain by a person rejoicing to see others fail or struggle against all odds.

Further, psychopaths and sadists can proejct their own sick energy onto their selected unaware prey. This combined with knowledge about manipulation tecnique can transform an ordinary person into a mindcontrolled slave. It is like a virus spreading… and yes, a paranoid society will create many mindless droons serving the black spider in the center of the intel hub. And gladly so, as many in society today seem to suffer from addiction to a daily dose of malice, glee and gloat – more or less reffined covered up behind a plastic fake shrewd grin or sarcastic remarks dripping of poison behind the smooth tounge and promising handshakes.

Most of us have flaws and make mistakes. We are humans after all. We struggle with stress, preassures and obligations. The systems are infected and causes inflammation not just to the individual in need, but to whole societies and now – all of human civilisation. This shadow and virus has caused us harm for a VERY long time, its power has reached deep into the very ROOT of our 3D existance, our “reality” and it “bleeds” from the root all the way up to infect our hearts.

What is being safe?

What is being secure or how does one reassure there is a safe haven or a secure place? Threats lurk around everywhere.

I find it very naive to expect life to be frictionless, and are guilty of getting desillusioned due to expecting good things to come true, living with a naive utopia in my vision. The reason for this is that I have experienced miracles.  Having done so, it is very easy to expect such extatic kind of white magic to happen all around, always. I did question why God could not just “step in and fix this shit”, as I noticed things continued to be sick. Til I realized free will exist as a sign of respect to our own growth, but also – I learned to view things from another perspective.

It is not love, to do a childs homework for them. It is a counterproductive non-solution. However, if one offers tools, patience and show a will to guide a child to be empowered and grow wiser, and pray for the best – I believe such approach is a sign of love.

Many are the wise philosophers through out the ages which has promoted the same approach to what seem to be recycled issues and human struggles. (This is on a personal humanitarian level, not necessarily a strategy when it comes to sensitive security issues, which must include a tactical defence based on the knowledge that some out there simply are completely scrupless, ruthless and unfortionately aim to harm. But betrayal and treason can come from ones closest allies, masked behind a ‘friendly’, psychopatic, backstabbing, airbrushed sell argument…)

It simply is not possible to “save” everyone, in the sense I might have dreamt of before. But this does not mean that one abandons or ignore someone – one might “back off” to give them space.

We all need to take that jump out of the nest to learn how to fly on our own wings. Most would want to fly themselves, with the risk of crashing. But life does not have to end even if we do crash, not even if our bodies holding our soul and spirit are one day “out of function”. In fact, our spiritual being has no ‘end’. I do believe in  the saying -“it will all end well, if it is not well – it is not the end…”. There is more to us then meets the eye, which I have tried to and will continue to demonstrate with various videos and posts in this blog.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it transforms.

It would seem pretentious and superficial if one who is blessed with having a life without hardships and challenges would speak of faith, hope and love. But rest assure, that these words in this case comes from a crash victim that refused to be tied to the ground. I can say for sure, that ‘come what may’ – God is with us, you and me! We are NOT abandoned, nor ignored. On the contrary, as you will see in the video I choose. (see at the end of this post)

A brutal awakening to a house on fire is what face us all. Daily reminders of this show this through the streams of newsoutlets, forums, friendly conversations, smalltalk and chat.

In the west, we are going through a “midlife chrises”. I did see the west as a young, rather immature civilisation. It is a growing project which still has its trial and error phase. This is tough! We are a bunch of mixed races pushed into a project and the honeymoon is over… we are facing conflicts and we need a good management and support team which can guide us through a massive group therapy session where we learn how to navigate and communicate. We need an examinatin on our frekkin head, cuz this shit aint workin, dude! 😉 But here is the good news – we shall overcome! Having faced extreme situations and finding there are really good nice people ‘out there’ – I do still have faith in mankind!

In the flow, I do pick up great unrest, anxiety and fear. It is a natural reaction to “abnormal” situations. It is the fight and flight survival instinct that kicks in. This goes for the individual organism but also the marketplace, who’s very existance are based on resilience to ride out storms and overcome defeat, competition and threats.

The possibilities, if we have capacity to look into the mirror, will be a great lesson and advantage. If we say yes to an organisation consultant to advice us when we feel overwhelmed, what to do with these problems we face, we can definitly build something better on the crashing society, to replace a system that did not work in our favour.

There are extremely gifted creative minds all around, if we do take time to truly listen to their ideas. It takes some humbleness to say that one is willing to compromise or meet someone half way. It takes caracther to follow through. If we do know, and accept, IN THIS NARCISSISTIC SOCIETY, that no one who is real, are ever perfect, we can learn the skill to overcome disappointments without loosing faith.

We need to drop the fucked up attitude issues we seem to think are necessary. It is like we overcompensate a tiny selfasteem or perhaps fear of rejection or occupation (subconcious fear of retaliation?) on our own shortcomings. This I say in general without pointing any fingers.

If we can learn to forgive and accept, others will more likely do so rigth back.  Win-Win. Some do actually hold such qualities and will not seek revenge. We are all time preassured and most people do sincerely seek to move forward and are not that interested in digging up old shit. “Be like water” could mean clean it up… not push the shit under a microscope and go totally anal about every detail. I honestly feel that we don’t have that luxury as we do find ourselves in a mess.

I hold some possible solutions and I am convinced that you who read this do so too. My intention has been to share this to inspire. I was overvoiced by those that seek to keep control over specific vested interests.  Again -“Be like water”… Its easy to bang ones head into a rock, wishing to move it… but water flows around or above it…

To study philosophy, psychology and learn how to shield and strengthen your defence could be a good advice. Grow tough in hard times, fight, but dont let your heart get too hardened. “Believe! There is still good out there!” Easier said then done when one face extreme hardship, but not do believe in good will lead to a bitter end for sure. I did find myself in that situation, I could not see any good around me at all. And once in awhile, I had to leave it up to God to prove I had a friend in Him. At times, each breath was a silent prayer.. Fortiunately I am here to tell you I did get answer and can now confirm such is the case – We do have a friend in Him, the man we know as Jesus. (I am sure there will be  conflicts in some readers mind now, how to spell a name, but forget the namedropping, you KNOW who I mean!)

I have faced my own mortality. I have existed for a great length of time inside a body which was haunted by extreme torture.  This struggle to survive much pain, are now happening on global level, in body mind and spirit. In fact, we are dying each second, and we transforma and are reborn each second. We fear we are running out of time.

The system breakdown was clear to me, illusions shattered as I did seek support from the system put in place, only to find out it was a sham.  Those who was supposed to be oh so high profile and experts where super incompetent idiots. Very few had any communicative skills nor knowledge about anything outside of the box. In fact, there was never any inventory of what was IN that box either, it was all a mess. I had to gather almost supernatural power to keep alive during these times.

I was betrayed. So are many. And it is a natural reaction to shout, to cry out, when in pain. Those who desire to see you suffer for their own sadistic pleasure will convince you of this natural reaction being the wrong one, and deny you the right to protest against their twisted perverted superego causing you pain and suffering. The egoist will see themselves as justified to do what they wilt with their supply source – i.e. you.

Being a “good christian” has unfortionately been mistakenly translated by vested interest who desired control, to program the seeking of faith, into becoming submissive mindcontrolled screwed up freaks who mostly copy paste and have no original thoughts of their own. I refused to follow such dogma. I refuse to shut up and I refuse to imitate and demand others to follow my example like I am some sort of selfabsorbed cult leader in need of hangarounds or admirers *shrugs*.

How to break free from such dogma lockdown… it is VERY hard. Most of the brainwashed masses around us, in all camps, are so numb or unaware about the system, they will blame the victim for crying out after keeping it in til it became unbearable.

It is a preassure cooker vibrating in the field, and the steem is showing its reactionary face all around in news headlines. Various sides seek to influence YOUR mind, and your energy. It is hard to breath when pushed up against the wall in between a rock and a hard place. There is a tight net spun around us all, in order to keep us shaqled to our slavemasters. It is truly as Morpheus explains “The Matrix is a system”.


Though, this too shall pass.

We are waking up and breaking free.  The chinese word for Chrises means Opportunity also. And God does work miracles. I did pray and still do, for not just my own personal interest but for all of our sakes.

I do believe we can learn to cooperate and not set our own selfish insterests first and foremost. I do believe we can move away from corporative greed, corruption and abuse.

Its like quitting a drug – those addicted to it will live in denial of their poisonus toxic lifestyle negatively affecting themselves anhose around. Next step is going through withdrawal effects which includes alot of fear, supressed anxiety and insecurity of what to come… it demands character since it is easy to fall back into bad habits. We need support and someone who does believe in us, even when we are failing and might fall back, that there is a struggle to overcome addiction, but there are tactics and it is possible!! But many are in a co-dependancy relationship, blackmailed, supressed into oblivion and abused to paralyzes kicks in… like I said, times are tough and it is a struggle, but we do not have any other choise then to dare face these trials and tribulations.

I do wish us all to grow, and as I study what is going on around me, I reflect on what it trigger in my self.

We are learning and we are transforming. It is not a painless experience.

I often refer to life as a field excersize, where we spiritual beings have human experiences. There are times when I get so caught up in the aroused emotions running high, and the body’s autopilot kicks in and drowns the inner voice in all the chaos. But, as one take on the challenge to stay alive, despite all attempts to shut off the heart in us, there are moments when one may catch ones breath, connect to ones core, and find that inner spark… The inner voice gives us courage and encouragement. I believe that voice is our direct access to the divine realm.

//Enigma Wonder’in Spirit

This video is to share what I have experienced and thus can say – this I do know. For me, this is real:

(May God bless you, and keep you safe.)