Mysterious ancient sites in The South Pacific!

17 Oct

I updated and reposted this blogpost since I found more video productions uploaded by thirdphaseofmoonon . Some comments I read underneath the videos are about the lack of data, how the speaker behaves and how the editing of the video is done. However I agree with this comment: “In my opinion, This dude actually made some work out of it. Not just a compilation of fucking pictures or fucked mobilephone videos on technobeat. If everybody took making his vids this seriously, youtube would be like a zillion times fucking better.”

So, please focus on the material presented and don’t get a hangup on HOW it is filmed Also take into account that this material is presented to us freely! It surely must have costed the filmteam money to travel to the area, hike for hours through a tropic djungle to get to the spot, meanwhile being eaten by mosquitos. I for one appreciate this greatly! One thing I wish to point out is the comment I will post under the second video. FIRST this:

Massive Pyramid Discovered South Pacific September 18

Link to video

take this comment into consideration as you watch this video:

— “If you look at the ancient aliens some had the disc shaped craft like the alien grays use today but the human looking Mayan aliens were reported using space shuttles like what we use today.That looks like lava rock & I heard it can resist regular fire.To me that looks like a shuttle launch & landing pad.The alien gray crafts can just land in a field.It is hard to figure out what happened in the past but it looks like a stars wars movie at this point. A war would explain why we remember nothing.” ~ spaceshipidentified   6 days ago

(He also continues to say:)  — “I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.Also 30 new 2010-11 videos from the History Ch that shows solid evidence the aliens were here thousands of years in the past.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at my free website alienspaceshipidentified . I swear if you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will understand the truth about the aliens.”

Now, to the video, and keep this in mind> That looks like lava rock & I heard it can resist regular fire.To me that looks like a shuttle launch & landing pad.”

Another Pyramid Discovered in the South Pacific October, 2 2011

Link to video

Join Blake Cousins with Thirdphaseofmoon as they may have found Ancient Ruins dating back over 12,000 Years! Exclusive all rights reserved.

Link to video

Under this video the following comment was added by the ‘Thirdphaseofmoon’: — “There are no fossils in the South Pacific the geology is to young, The location is about 2000 feet elevation.”

Another comment: —“Looks like some of the Mayan type art.The first one looks like a guy wearing a bunch of stuff like an ancient astronaut. Just like Easter Island had stuff on it thousands of miles strait south from here closer to Peru. My guess is this looks older and Hawaii gets way more rain eroding away most of the art evidence.” ~ spaceshipidentified   1 week ago

Groundbreaking Discovery!
Ancient UFO Alien Artifacts Exclusive October 9, 2011

Link to video

(One suggestion by a viewer was for the team: — “dude next time take a wire brush with you an remove the moss an crap so we get a better look at the details”

Question… IF that even was allowed by the guide taking them there which I would assue feels a responsibility for this site and who is guided there – would not such brusque tactic possibly erode the stone in a way one would not desire. I would suggest bringing in a specialist archeological team which has the right technique and equipment for handling such delicate investigations. This demands respect and not some juvenile carefree selfproclaimed wiseass and desktop expert!



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