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Trick or treat?

29 Oct

Ghouliez is the departed brain-child of D. Turner and M. Warden. It began in early 2007 in a graffiti-ridden bathroom in Glendale, AZ and ended in 2091 C.E. (2010 C.E. Parallel-dimension-time-coding). The music of Ghouliez centered heavily around alt.-universe and future time algorithms, i.e. robot-rebellions, nanobot influenza, post-humanism, etc…

Ghouliez played a number of live performances and dj sets throughout 2008-2010, and remixed a number of artists including Crystal Castles, A Beautiful Lotus, Halloween Swim-team, and many more. The musical aesthetic of Ghouliez was a swirling embodiment of chilling-synth atmospheres, robot-step dance-rhythms, and pd-based/8-bit sound engine drones and wild-dogs and glitchy-ghosts of cybernetic-junkyards.’//

Link to video


Archeocryptography, codes and advanced “geomath matrix” of Earth and beyond…

29 Oct

Perhaps YOU are an Archeocryptograper? Do you study aerial photography, satellite imaging? Combine that with calculators (computers) and you can embark into the field of archeocryptography.

So what is Archeocryptography? One man who works in that field is Carl Munck. His work links ancient sites on planet Earth with sites on Mars. From page 10 in ‘CYDONIA 101’, he is presented as follows:

‘Carl Munck is a retired USAF Colonel and engineer who now works as an archeocryptographer.  He has been working on what has become known as the Global Grid or the Global Matrix.  In his book, The Pyramid Matrix, he compiles 10 years of work.  What he found was that this grid, which encompasses this entire planet, is specifically connected to the tetrahedral geometry found at CydoniaThis grid also connects ancient sites from around the world with the same geometry.  Sites like the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury, Teotihuacán, Maccu Piccu in Peru, and many more are linked by this set of tetrahedral geometry.’

I stumbled upon an article about the code of the ancients, entitled: ‘THE CODE” OF CARL MUNCK AND ANCIENT GEMATRIAN NUMBERS, Part One. Hard Evidence of a Grand Design to Creation.’ by Joseph E. Mason. With contributions from: Michael Lawrence Morton, James Furia, Dee Finney.

In the article, Carl P. Munck work is analyzed.

— “Carl P. Munck’s article on Stonehenge, in a newsletter put out by Richard C. Hoagland called “Martian Horizons” in the early 1990s, that really got me interested in Munck’s work. Munck calls himself an archeocryptographer . . . and he is the pioneer in this new field, having re-discovered an amazingly-advanced “geomath matrix” from very deep antiquity, encoded in the precise latitude/longitude positions of ancient pyramids, mounds, effigies, monuments, and stone circles.”

I wont go in on depth about what I have found, instead I will just quote the introduction to this topic, to tickle your curiousity and encourage your own research. I recommend reading these articles and the follow the links. Here is a snippet from  ‘THE CODE” OF CARL MUNCK AND ANCIENT GEMATRIAN NUMBERS, Part One. Hard Evidence of a Grand Design to Creation.’:

This is the start of a series of articles that will present many “facts” concerning some major mysteries of our world.  These “facts” will show evidence that –

  The ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  

   The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction.  

  A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”

  “Gematrian” numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.

   Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Romans.  

  The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.  

  The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian.

  The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360 degree circle, 60 minute degree, 60 second minute, the base-ten numbering system, the 12-inch foot, and the 5280-foot mile.  

  The Nazca Line ground markings “locate themselves” on The Code Matrix system.

  Crop circle formations suggest the same ancient numbers by way of their positions and measurements.

  The very ancient “Monuments on Mars,” including “The Face on Mars,” were positioned in exact locations, just as the ancient sites on Earth.


Carl Munck – The Code (full video on 1 hour 51 min. Enjoy!!)
Uploaded by  on Jun  4, 2011

Link to video

‘The Code is an ancient matrix system built up of monuments all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mound. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth. In order to “read” this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza.

For longitude the ancient builders referenced their original Prime Meridian that ran from pole to pole marked by The Great Pyramid at Giza. Today it can be found at 31 degrees, 08 minutes, and 00.8 seconds to the east of our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same equator that we use today.

Once we do this, properly, the monuments of the global matrix system become as the individual pages of an encyclopedia, beautifully preserved through numbers and maps. Batteries not included or required. The access key is curiosity.’


More interesting related articles:

Code of the Ancients & the DNA Repair

Carl P. Munck and Zecharia Sitchin RE : The Great Sphinx
By Michael Lawrence Morton

>> ‘In Zecharia Sitchin’s book, “The Wars Of Gods And Men”, he gives his interpretation of ancient texts which strongly suggest that there was an actual ‘war’ involving “gods” around (roughly) 9000 B.C. . . . and which ended in a “peace treaty” of sorts between factions of EN.LIL and EN.KI, the rival half-brothers. I agree with Sitchin that these “gods” (and “goddesses”) were the political, military, and scientific leaders of The Anunnaki on Earth. They were apparently *very* humanlike . . . and “we” are descended from them, in-combination-with some indigenous ‘hominoid’ genes (Neanderthal, according to Lloyd Pye’s opinion and research) or else in-combination-with some ‘hominid’ genes (Homo Erectus, according to Sitchin’s opinion and research). [This genetic engineering, done by The Anunnaki themselves, accounts for the so-called unexplained “missing link” in the ‘Darwinian’ theory of the ‘Evolution’ of humans].

Apparently, The Great Sphinx was designed and precisely ‘located’ in terms of exact latitude and longitude, by The Anunnaki. As the work of Carl P. Munck shows, the gaze of The Great Sphinx was oriented not exactly due East, but at an azimuth of (30 x Pi) degrees . . . or, at exactly 94.24777961 degrees from true north. On page 181 of “The Wars Of Gods And Men”, Sitchin shows a diagram of a ‘layout’ involving the general area of Giza/Sinai/Israel/Lebanon. If you look at this layout, you will notice a dotted line drawn from Giza to where Sitchin thinks The Anunnaki HAD “spaceport” facilities in the Sinai. I propose that this dotted line represents the specific direction in which The Great Sphinx is oriented . . . @ 30Pi degrees from true north.

What happened to these “spaceport” facilities? Sitchin says that they were completely destroyed . . . wiped out . . . by thermonuclear weapons, which also destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah . . . around 2024 B.C. He backs-up this statement, as always, with compelling evidence from ancient texts, plus tangible modern empirical facts.’//

… and


Bonus mystery.. is this linked? ===>>The Nineveh Constant & 2012

*snippet* //‘You probably didn’t know and might not even care that: if we compress the speed of light by a factor of 34560 we get the speed of sound. If we compress the speed of sound by a factor of 34560 we get the speed of heat. What’s up with that? Scientist Ray Tomes has further discovered the number 34560 is the seed number for many cycles in the universe. Another astonishing fact is that a Sumerian clay tablet named after its finding place Nineveh has been found that contains a cosmological constant with a value of 70 * 60^7 (seventy times sixty raised to the power of seven).

The Nineveh constant, after being decoded by NASA astrophysicist Maurice Chatelain, perfectly described all the orbital times of our planets down to a second if whole fractions of this number are taken. For example Pluto has a perfect 25000 cycles in the Nineveh constant and Halley’s Comet has 81.000 cycles. Since the Nineveh constant’s measure is the second, it equates to a cycle time of roughly 6.2 million years.

Interesting? Challenging!

Starting from the Nineveh constant, researcher David Wilcock discovered a galactic constant that he named the Wilcock constant that equals 0.7 * 60^9. This constant is exactly 36 times the Nineveh constant and according to Wilcock will harmonically connect all orbits of all objects in our galaxy. In other words we’re discovering and uncovering facts that lead to events that primitive (?) civilizations evidently knew. and the kicker in all of this is that they SAW as a result of understanding cycles that we’re just beginning to realize exist. something regarding 2012.‘//

A wonderful game of possible probabilities:

Calculate revolutions of all objects celestial
using the magical Nineveh constant –
fit the planets’ rotation into a round cycle number
indicating each object’s sun revolution

The stars become a celestial clock,
day one is the alignment of all planetary bodies,
used as coordinates
in the hyperdimensional gymnastics
of extraterrestrial beings

Extraterrestrials travel outside linear time,
they see planets in all probable positions at the same
time so planetary orbits appear as giant rings
and all conjunctions are visible at a glance

Their coordinates set to ‘Omega Point’ where the
cycle begins, planets aligned,
they enter our third-dimension linear time-stream at light-speed,
planets swinging round about like a big clock

They choose a time period within cycles of
twenty-five-thousand Pluto revolutions,
Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction
– the perfect time for the arrival of extraterrestrial beings…

David Wilcock: Divine Cosmos

The Nineveh Constant is a fantastic calculator, as it is designed to fit the rotation of every planet into
a certain round number of cycles…