Trick or treat?

29 Oct

Ghouliez is the departed brain-child of D. Turner and M. Warden. It began in early 2007 in a graffiti-ridden bathroom in Glendale, AZ and ended in 2091 C.E. (2010 C.E. Parallel-dimension-time-coding). The music of Ghouliez centered heavily around alt.-universe and future time algorithms, i.e. robot-rebellions, nanobot influenza, post-humanism, etc…

Ghouliez played a number of live performances and dj sets throughout 2008-2010, and remixed a number of artists including Crystal Castles, A Beautiful Lotus, Halloween Swim-team, and many more. The musical aesthetic of Ghouliez was a swirling embodiment of chilling-synth atmospheres, robot-step dance-rhythms, and pd-based/8-bit sound engine drones and wild-dogs and glitchy-ghosts of cybernetic-junkyards.’//

Link to video


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