Sanskrit Chant – Gayatri Mantra

31 Oct

Link to video

AUM– Parabrahman;

BHUR– BhuLoca=physical plane/body, made of 5 PanchaBhutas(5elements)=Pracri­ti(Nature);
BHUVA– BhuvaLoca=middle world=PranaShakti;
SWAHA– SvargaLoca=heavens, land of Gods;

TAT– Paramatma, God, Brahman;
SAVITUR– from which all is born;
VARENIYAM– worthy of worship;

BHARGO– spiritual light that gives wisdom;
DEVASIYA– highest (god’s) reality;
DHIMAHI– we meditate;

DHIYO– Buddhi, spiritual mind;
YIO– which;
NAH– our/ours/us;
PRACHODAYAT– enlighten/forgive/remove sins       



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