Surfer rides 90 foot wave (World Record)

10 Nov

Garrett McNamara breaks the world record for the largest wave ever surfed
US surfer Garrett McNamara made history by breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed. McNamara successfully surfed on a monstrous 90-foot wave (27 meters) in Praia do Norte off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal.

Link to video

“Other than the video above, little documentation has been released. Via Twitter, Kelly Slater wrote, “I just saw a shot of Garrett McNamara from Portugal on a stupidly big wave. He should post that thing ASAP. Looks like huge Jaws.”

McNamara, who is known for chasing rare and giant waves, like the waves created by calving ice at Child’s Glacier in Alaska, combined ocean-going skills honed on the North Shore of Oahu with his reputation for exploration. “I feel so blessed and honored to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town,” McNamara said. “The waves here are such a mystery.”// Source


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