Deceptive Technology

20 Nov

Blue Beam Holographic Testing in Sierra Vista, AZ  FT Huachuca

Link to video

Link to video

“They basically made the skies into a giant video screen from all the chem spraying, its true folks, especially when clouds reflect off the ceiling of the sky so you can see thier shadows now. This isnt natural, and you wait there will be “wonders” this is happening especially over major cities.”

Advancements in real life 3D hologram tech.
*CyberEye series – Science and Technology updates presented by an animated avatar with the most advanced artificial voice synthesizer.
Uploaded by on Nov 13, 2011

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How far are we being/can be manipulated on a technical level….

Ever heard of “Project Mapping”

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HAARP Weapon Psychotronics ”Project Blue Beam’ 
Uploaded  on Oct 20, 2011

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Jose Delgado, funded by Yale University, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the U.S. Air Force 6571st Aeromedical Research Laboratory, and other institutions, and linked to Spanish fascist groups by researcher John Judge,31…is the man who perfected the stimoceiver [or ‘transdermal stimulator’], a tiny electronic device that is implanted into the brains of humans and animals, and is used to transmit electrical impulses directly to the brain [Delgado, Jose, Physical Control of the Mind (New York: Harper & Row, 1969); and Judge, John, “The Secret Government,” Dharma Combat number 10].32

DO NOT FORGET – HAARP can be used to ‘stimulate’, resonate with nano particles altering brain waves even via  the inhalation of chemtrails etc.

This is part of project blue beam.

Brain Implants “Direct neural control of complex machines is a long-term U.S. military goal. DARPA has a brain-machine interface program aimed at creating next-generation wireless interfaces between neural systems and, initially, prosthetics and other biomedical devices.  — Rodney Brooks, “Toward a Brain-Internet Link,” WirelessNewsFactor, 10 Dec 2003.

Complete article:

Jose Delgado with bull (JPG) Delgado, in a series of experiments terrifying in their human potential, implanted electrodes in the skull of a bull. Waving a red cape, Delgado provoked the animal to charge. Then, with a signal emitted from a tiny hand-held radio transmitter, he made the beast turn aside in mid-lunge and trot docilely away.33 He has [also] been able to “play” monkeys and cats like “little electronic toys” that yawn, hide, fight, play, mate and go to sleepviii on command.34 The individual is defenseless against direct manipulation of the brain [Delgado, Physical Control].35

The open publication of Delgado’s book Physical Control of the Mind met with a decidedly cool reaction from the public, and this may have warned other researchers in the field to keep quiet about the subject. To this day, Delgado’s is the only popular book on the subject of implants and electrical stimulation of the brain.36

During the latter days of MKULTRA research, a CIA memorandum, dated 22 November, 1961, announced, “Initial biological work on techniques and brain locations essential to providing conditioning and control of animals has been completed. The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated…. The ultimate objective of this research is to provide an understanding of the mechanisms involved in the directional control of animals and to provide practical systems suitable for human application.” 37

Complete article:


Project Blue Beam Documentary

Link to video

Link to video


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