They never raised a statue to a critic…

20 Nov

Pay no attention to what the critics say…
Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!
~ Jean Sibelius

Are The Divine Feminine to spend Her time
bothering about gossip and envious, obsessive opinions?

Posing in a pleasing, submissive, seductive invitation?

How to handle the misleading manipulations by The Camps?
(I know You are “reading” this blog…
pushing Your smear campaign on Her.)

I think She dwells in a Soul Deep House

Link to video

I think She enjoys studying THE PLAY…

Like an Art Student would…
In the Eye of the beholder…
I believe She HAS A Vision.
(It is being veiled, to distract You from it…)
(Not by Her.)

Link to video


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