Photonics Media update (nov/dec)

21 Dec

“Five Minutes to Enlightenment”
(each report is just 5 min!)

Multipurpose Optical Chip, Submillimeter Camera & Nanotube Tracking
– Light Matters 12/14/11

Link to video

Photonics Media, Dec 14, 2011:
– The first programmable optical chip enters the quantum computer race
– A submillimeter camera is set to scan the universe
– A label-free imaging tool tracks nanotubes in cells and the bloodstream
– A glass fiber is used to count atoms
– Jenoptik & IDEX business news


Cyborg Bugs, Laser Sunscreen Safety
– Light Matters 12/7/11

Link to video

PhotonicsMedia on Dec  7, 2011:
– A smarter way to make UV beams
– Laser imaging  & sunscreen safety
– Bugs with backpacks could become first responders
– The CEO of SPIE talks photonics in Hong Kong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Quantum Communications, New Cancer Therapy

Link to video

PhotonicsMedia on Nov 30, 2011:
– Quantum computing takes an important step forward
– Cancer cells see the light
– Blocking holes enhances light transmission
– Jenoptik, 3S Photonics, Manlight and Neophotonics Business News


Neutrinos, Messenger lives on, Near IR & QD-LEDs 

Link to video

PhotonicsMedia on Nov 23, 2011:
– Neutrinos may not travel faster than light after all,
– NASA decides not to kill the Messenger
– A new material emits near-infrared light
– New & improved quantum dot LEDs
– Newport & Leica business news
Show #139



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