The Next Level – The Return of The King AND The Divine Feminine!!

21 Dec

CLUES to Alchemical codes,
for those with eyes to see…

Link to video

THE HUMAN BODY – specifically
The Brain, The Heart and its link to Conciousness,
our evolutionary step, and its connection to Light and Sound.

(To FULLY get the depth of these posts,
you DO need to check out all links,
and go “in depth” on the music’s lyrics and images –
it is a multidimensional multimedia message in 2D or 3D form.)

I chose this image to symbolise
“Angels fall from Grace”

THE DIVINE FEMINIE is about “Higher Conciousness”
which I choose to symbolise here with the Eagle (Royal Bird)
and hence linked to the “Crown Chakra

” The fall DOWN”

PHOENIX connected to Scorpio


“In this part the symbolism of the 4 pointed cross
and the 8 pointed crosses in the Old World
will be discussed and we will demonstrate
how the Great Celestial Conjunctions was understood
and encoded in the myths and mysteries of the ancient past.

The premise of this article is that in ancient times in the Old World
the Galactic Cross was denominated by the signs
Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo.

These signs are mentioned in the book of Revelations
and Ezekiel as the four Cherubim
that would return at the ‘End of Times’

and I therefore suggest that it represents
the intersection of the Milky Way and the ecliptic
and its perpendicular axis.
Scorpio as one of the four Cherubim
is often replaced by the Eagle
representing the constellation Ophiuschus near Scorpio.”

Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses II

So, in MY contemplative Journey –
our subconcious merge with our higher/divine conciousness!

Here She (The Divine Feminine)
is “unconciousness” in the RED ROOT level
(perhaps she experiences the shadows, the darkness,
i.e. ‘The Dark Night of The Soul’)

Quote copied from page 5 in the discussion about:
‘Buddha Jesus Tesla = NUMBER 37 = the collective unconscious’ 

“When the angles fall from grace,
they are falling away from the archetypal connection
we all have with the creator,
and that lost connection
means a hell of a slippery slope
to slide in the wrong direction, down.

1/128.5 must be the ratio of light & sound harmonized
in order the balance each hemisphere of 1/137
of the zodiac & the brain.
As above so below

I want suggest the fact that Zubeneschamali
being the only green star
has a lot to do with the balancing act that occurs in Libra
Green light (528 Hz) heals dna
as you have shown, it even splits it in 2 like a Y. “


“You will free yourself
when you learn to be neutral
and follow the instructions of your heart

without letting things perturb you.
This is (The Way) of Maat.”
– Ancient Egyptian Proverb

“Maat, who links universal to terrestrial,
the divine with the human
is incomprehensible to the cerebral intelligence.”
– Ancient Egyptian Proverb


As The Young One are guided into a cave (secret passages)
in the Quest to fight The Ultimate Darkness  ‘Voldemort’
The Master guides the novis, and helps to drink from The Well of Despair.

Link to video

The battle against Darkness,
to overcome ones fear and as one GROWS Wiser –
The Hero can TRANSFORM and become enlightened,
and “reach higher” up, up to The Crown
(via/through The Heart, into a Higher State of Mind)

Link to video

As The Hero has defeated DARKNESS,
– the Master Crowns ‘The Hero’
and The Hero becomes King
(Crown Chakra symbolism)

Link to video

If you do not understand all of this, you will, with time

Link to video

The Hero’s Journey / Monomyth

The monomyth, or Hero’s Journey,
explained with examples from The Matrix,
Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings.

Link to video


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