Intimate and Eco Friendly

19 Jan



If we INSIST on ‘limiting’ life existence to only this planet
(officially that seem to be the case…??)
then we need to accept that we are DEALING with limited resources.

But we also have our health to consider.
Organic, ecofriendly material will not harm the body nor the planet.|

Indigenous Rights Quotes:

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, 
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.”

I have started 2 new Categories – about FASHION and ECO.

Why not start with what is closest to us – our underwear.
Her are some examples of products that will be friendly to both you and nature,
MADE from natural fibers:

AussieBum’s eco-friendly briefs and boxers.
(It just so happens that they’re made from that most well-endowed of tropical fruits.
Guess which one?)


‘February 14th is right around the corner, and while many deem Valentine’s Day “just another Hallmark holiday,” few ladies can resist the romantic appeal of cute underwear. This year, treat your girl to something that is not only super-sexy, but green as well. There are a ton of eco apparel companies, but few green lingerie outfits whose bras and panties don’t look like your grandma’s knickers or burlap sacks. For a perfect balance of sexy and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with BuenoStyle organic cotton panties (shown below). Made from 96% organic cotton and 4% lycra, the boy-cut style undies come in vibrant colors thanks to low-impact dyes.’

Link to video



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