Copenhagen – Stockholm

26 Jan

Danish singer – Rasmus Seebach
– Calling (Nighthawk)

Link to video

Copenhagen Night View

~ Søren Kirkegaard
Danish philosopher, theologian and religious author:

‘If I want to succeed in bringing another human being to a specific goal, I first have to find her where she is and begin there. He who can’t do this is fooling himself when he thinks he can help. 

To really help someone, I need of course to know more than she does, but first of all to understand what she understands. If I can’t do that, it doesn’t matter if I know more.

If I still want to show how much I know, then it is because of vanity and pride, and that I want to be admired by her instead of helping her.

All genuine helpfulness starts with humbleness to the one I want to help, and therefore I must understand that to help someone is not wanting to rule but to serve. If I am unable to do this, then I cannot really help anyone.’

Swedish group: ‘Bodies without organs’
– Open Door

(video: Flight Simulator FSX. Route : EKCH – ESSA Copenhagen – Stockholm)
Second song: Calvin Harris – Flashback (Mark Maddux Remix)

Link to video

Danish-Swedish duett: Johnny Deluxe ft. Anna Nordell
 – Drømmer jeg  (translation of lyrics to english) HQ version

Link to video

Famous Danish Statue: “The Little Mermaid” – (Danish: Den lille havfrue) sits on a rock in the harbour of the capital of Denmark. Based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the small and unimposing statue is a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction:

Danish singer: Hanne Boel
– Waiting in the wings

Link to video


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