Alien matter in the solar system

13 Feb

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“Alien matter” detected by a NASA spacecraft orbiting Earth shows that the chemical make-up of our solar system differs from that of the surrounding galaxy. Researchers discuss the possible meaning of this mismatch in this week’s ScienceCast video. Visit for more.

ScienceCasts: Alien Matter in the Solar System

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February 1, 2012:
“Alien” matter beyond solar system spotted by NASA probe

//”This alien interstellar material is really the stuff that stars and planets and people are made of — it’s really important to be measuring it,”David McComas, IBEX principal investigator and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, said in a news briefing from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.//

‘Galactic wind streams toward the sun from the direction of Scorpio and IBEX has found that it travels at 52,000 miles an hour’. (Credit: NASA/Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio )

June 21, 2010:
Super-complex organic molecules found in interstellar space

( — A team of scientists from the Instituto Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) and the University of Texas has succeeded in identifying one of the most complex organic molecules yet found in the material between the stars, the so-called interstellar medium.//

//’We have detected the presence of anthracene molecules in a dense cloud in the direction of the star Cernis 52 in Perseus, about 700 light years from the Sun,’ explains Susana Iglesias Groth, the IAC researcher heading the study.//

, with Harry Kroto
Channel Five, 7.30 pm, Tuesday 6th January 2004
A commentary by David J. Tyler

Harry Kroto is Professor of Chemistry at Sussex University and recipient of the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on C60 fullerenes. His big question dealt with the origin of life. Evidences of life are present in the geologic record at 3.5 billion years, he said. Very simple single-celled life forms like bacteria were around at that time – but how did they originate?

Louis Pasteur was credited as being “one of science’s greatest heroes”. His experiments put paid to the idea of spontaneous generation. Although Kroto describes Pasteur in this glowing way, he did not quote Pasteur as saying “the more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator”. This hero was a man who respected what the Bible had to say on origins and, like many Christians before him, he anticipated that life could not spontaneously generate because God alone creates life. Undoubtedly, this insight contradicts the main thrust of what Kroto had to say in the programme.

The next explanation considered was that proposed by Svante Arrhenius. This is known as Panspermia, meaning that life was seeded from outer space. Kroto described this as a “perfectly respectable theory” but declared that there is no evidence to support it and that it avoids addressing the fascinating problem of how primordial molecules flickered into life in the first place.

With this introduction, we were directed to the discoveries of Stanley Miller, first published in 1953. This research student set out to recreate the atmosphere of the early earth as he understood it. He placed the gases hydrogen, methane and ammonia in a flask and simulated the water cycle. Spark discharges were used to represent electrical storms. All the reaction products were collected as a sludge. Significantly, he found amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Without proteins, life would be impossible.

A further breakthrough came later in 1953 with Crick and Watson’s discovery of the structure of DNA and the genetic code. This, says Kroto, “finally unlocked the secret of life”. (It was a major milestone in understanding living things, but most impartial commentators on this issue would point out that life continues to hold on tenaciously to its secrets!).

Kroto continued: “so where did the DNA come from?” Despite much research, origin of life theorists had to admit defeat in moving from amino acids to proteins to DNA. The leaps were unrealistically large – they “seemed totally impossible”.

However, could there be an intermediate stage? Was there a missing link between Miller’s amino acids and DNA? Kroto pointed us to RNA as the chemical go-between. Was there an RNA world before the DNA world? If there was, there must be a way for RNA to replicate itself. The breakthrough came with Sidney Altman and Thomas Cech who received the Nobel Prize for their efforts. They found a special type of RNA that could be deemed to replicate. “They did chemistry. It is simple. It does solve the problem. Altman and Cech breathed life into the RNA World”.//

//This is where Kroto drew attention to carbon chemicals in interstellar space. There is a growing list of molecules that have been discovered (see note ). He has decided to rerun the experiments incorporating some of these interstellar materials. “It’ll take a few months, but if we are successful, you’ll be hearing about it!”//

//So Kroto is at least correct to flag up the problem and the need for a pre-RNA World. However, bridging the gap via the primordial soup enhanced by extra-terrestrial carbon-based molecules is a lost cause. We are as far from a coherent account of abiogenesis as we ever were.//

//There is a missing word in the discussions of all philosophical naturalists – the word information . The omission is apparent when Kroto speaks of the discovery of the structure of DNA as “the key to life itself”. This is a very blinkered view. DNA is a chemical carrier for a code. It is the information carried in the code that is of crucial importance.

There are no physical or chemical laws that produce codes.

What we are seeing here is evidence for a mind, because we not only have to consider storing the code, but also transmitting it and decoding it before it can ever make useful materials for the cell. Evidence for a designer is staring us in the face every time we look at the information systems in living things. The tragedy is that so many have adopted a philosophical stance that prevents them from seeing the reality.//

GOD IS SPEAKING – Through encoded messages!

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