Secrets of The Cathars

19 Feb

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Why the Dark Age Church where (are) out to destroy them


‘We step back in time to the bloody massacres of 1209 when the Catholic church virtually exterminated the Cathar faith and reshaped the political landscape of what is now southern France.’

‘Catharism, being a latter form of Gnosticism, were both persecuted by the Catholic Church for supremacy and ultimately allowed the Catholic Church to claim Christianity for itself without exception. Heresy was the tool to stamp out any opposition to the church. The Victor writes history and so we shall never know the truth.’

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Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Holy Grail

“Otto Rahn (1904-1938), described as a gifted young author and historian, was one of this century’s truly fascinating figures. Prior to his mysterious death, at age 35, he wrote two books about the Cathars of southern France: *Kreuzzug gegen den Gral* (“Crusade Against the Grail”) and *Luzifers Hofgesinf* (“Lucifer’s Court”). Legends continue to surround both his life and tragic death. While his books influenced such authors as Trevor Ravenscroft and Jean-Michel Angebert, they were never translated into English.

In the 1982 best selling book *Holy Blood, Holy Grail*, Otto Rahn’s name appears in a small but intriguing footnote. Otto Rahn believed that he had found the location of the Holy Grail Mountain, the Montsalvat of legend, in the Cathar mountain fortress of Montsegur in the French Pyrenees. He was, says Prof. Joscelyn Godwin, “largely responsible for the mythological complex that associated the Cathars and Montsegur with the Holy Grail and its Castle.” Norma Lorre Goodrich in her own highly acclaimed work *The Holy Grail* pays tribute to Otto Rahn’s “Crusade Against the Grail” describing it as “a wonderful book, a monument to this German idealist author, who died mysteriously during a descent in the Alps.”

According to his French translator, Otto Rahn believed with absolute conviction that (1) the Cathars were the last owners of the Holy Grail, and (2) the Holy Grail “perished” when they died at the hands of the “pope and the King of France” at the beginning of the thirteenth century. The war of the Roman Catholic church against the Cathars is variously described as a war where *Roma and *Amor stood opposite each other, in which the catholic (‘common’) idea triumphed with flame and sword over the catharic (‘pure’) idea.”



The Cathars, the Earth Grid and the Holy Grail Vortex

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The Symbolism of the Unicorn

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