Infinity Report

12 Aug

fragment from cryptic assignment with soviet inflection

“divide the surface of the planet, your host (an obscure sort of rough hewn and rock strewn semi-spherical intergalactic floatation device) into seven billion approximately equal sections extending a uniform three meters beneath the plastic plane formed by their contiguous process.reserve soothing tones for plant life, set transmitters to automatic.allow one fleshy soul to float beatifically – and with the custom-wrought cushion of eternity assisting nobly with individual lapses in levitation – about each of these imagined compartments. assign a musical note to every discrete spacial unit and transdimensional organism described herein. note your geographic position and tune your guitars accordingly.a flock of birds will greet you. offer them water.”

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remarks on the apparition of translucent cyberspace identities: fragment 168w

“down here, there is a way to recreate yourself electronically. it is mostly the essence that survives – and whatever you felt when you touched this or that input device. sam says that is why most of us are in a state of wonder, though i continue to believe it is the birds – especially how hawks soar – or maybe the wide variation in the shapes and colors of butterflies, that have something to with the images we transmit back out into meatspace.”the paucity of flesh in the electronic aether can be traced to quantum uncertainty; but at a molecular, mass-bearing level, the phenomena itself manifests as a dark and fertile soil which invites spectral interaction.inducements to sentiment may also be present and have been described by participants as new methodologies for transcribing music, using previously discarded seed-pod remnants as structural guides.our cities are clothed in dust; certain fast-moving vehicles have been garlanded in spring’s early produce. the clouds that are included in this visualization are the remnants of great oceans but merely whisper as they rush over these thickening days.”

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alternate realities available for instant download

“For three nights, heaven itself poured out a churning column of starlight, casting fiery orbs fluorescently into the farthest fathoms of a fluid entity that had been presumptively called pacific by the humans who toddled at its edges or upon its surface.And then silence. And then a million metal boats, a billion orbiting robotic eyes, verifying the coordinates, panning over the waves, signaling their fragile flesh occupants and operators with a language learned from the transmission of electricity across empty spaces and rough watery realms.Seven years later, when the plastic spiders approached the shore, bearing practical forms of fusion in silken boxes and pointing beatifically toward the black hole at the center of this galaxy, the thin volume of conquest was raised up to the sun and the dogs feasted on fresh corn. this time, all was in readiness as the causeways were retracted.”

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songs for birds to sing while seeking heaven

“songs like stairs and mountains rise against the flow of oceans. a voice made from trembling under the weight of unlimited lunar cycles passes through the air like a small bird tumbling, stumbling, gamboling, flying home. her prayers are simple; their resolution relies on the same vaguely mystical journeys through cellular levels encountered by ghosts of the southern lands, where everything is reversed.”

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Epistle to the Lords Who Dwell in the East

Now, it is a mournful place, dry and with clouds that sing of prior cosmological triumphs through wooden whirlwinds. That sulfrous breeze repeats its billowing path nightly while everyone is sleeping, retreating through dreams and our granaries.My home was wrought lovingly – with a nominal infusion of mystical foresight – and made from plastic dots connected randomly, at perpendicular junctions, by thoriated tungsten guitar strings that would snap and leave you with a bloody welt or two if you tightened them too fast or in the wrong order.You can combine the fruition of sacrifice with seawater and proclaim the resulting solution to be the fragrant music of moth-pollinated plants distributing summertime to a grateful earth, but remember that the sun is ours; a possession bound by red fireto our jagged hearts.”


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