Contact Point – Waves talking to each other

26 Aug

But Scientists, who ought to know,
Assure us that they must be so….
Oh! let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about!

From The Microbe, by Hillaire Belloc

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Sacred Seven Crystal Solids

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‘With the work of Gregg Braden and others that show us how much energetic stress the Earth is going through at this time, we have every reason to believe that this is going to happen again – and we will look at the time cycles involved in this when we move into Part Three.

At this point in the article, Jochmans discusses material that we have already presented here, regarding the team of Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov and their icosa-dodeca grid pattern; this could be construed as the next, or most recent formation of the Global Grid.

Jochmans’ list of the various planetary elements that this grid contacts is the best that this author has seen, and so we will repeat it here:

  1. High and low barometric pressure areas in the Earth’s atmosphere, where storms originate and move along the crystal lattices.
  2. The centerpoints for major ocean currents and whirlpools.
  3. Areas of highest and lowest solar and electric influx, along with regions of highest and lowest geomagnetic gauss strength.
  4. Points of magnetic / electric anomaly, which serve as gateways into other dimensions.
  5. Major planetary fracture zones, where the tectonic plates come together and create seismic and volcanic activities.
  6. Major concentrations of ores and petroleum.
  7. Planetary hotspots where the internal magma surges closest to the surface.
  8. Migration routes of land, air and sea creatures.
  9. Locations of major life breeding grounds and genetic pool regions, where new species have originated.
  10. Concentrations of human population centers, both past and present.
  11. Birth-places for human religions, philosophies, sciences, arts and architectural forms.

So, when we think about the power that these lines have, it becomes very clear to us that the effects on human consciousness can be profound and almost unbelievably fantastic.

If you include the Bermuda Triangle / time shifting effects as well, then we can start to see that these sacred constructions may have actually served as time machines as well. Therefore, if you stay within the sacred structure at the proper moment of time, you might just be in for the ride of your life!’

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We are Magnetic Power and Energy

Evolution – Tree of Life (Quantic Remix version)

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Finally – a goldmine for the real gold digger Alchemist’s:


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