Higher Consciousness – Higher Love

13 Oct

“Beyond your 5 senses is a much more expansive reality than you might imagine. In fact, the 5 senses are actually quite limited in scope. And today, as humanity seems to be shifting or perhaps even evolving to a higher state of being, we’re beginning to get a glimpse of a much bigger picture of ‘reality’ — and our powerful part in creating it.

If this is the case, then it’s time for us to start asking some very important — and for ‘old skool’ mindsets, provocative — questions. Are you ready to seriously think outside the box?”

Government and Law have suppressed the feminine in society and pushed people into left brain thinking.

Link to video

8. The role of Matter/Mother

“Going back to the beginning, how unreal is the material world? Only parts of it are unreal, those which were created by man’s fallen consciousness. Those parts will be ultimately consumed by God’s consuming fire, since there is no God reality in them, they aren’t created from Christ consciousness.

The material realm is the realm of the Mother, which should be the mirror of the Spirit – as Above, so below. Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter, present Divine Duality, yin and yang. Those who disregard matter as inferior and unreal, and something that needs to be cast off, are false teachers. They teach you to escape into pure awareness, instead of facing challenges and purifying your soul, i.e. your four lower bodies, with the help of the Christ.

Mother Mary is a representative of the Divine Mother. She and the Father are one. She is pure and worthy and real – she weaved her wedding garment which guarantees her eternal life, by the side of Lord Jesus Christ. She is an example for all of us of how to be the Mother and the handmaiden of the Lord.

Mother provides form and structure, she is the polarity of the formless Spirit which wants to express itself in matter.

True Father doesn’t think he is superior to the Mother, because they are two facets of One God – never separated, never one without the other. Without matter, the Spirit would be unexpressed, unrealized.

Therefore self-realization is only possible in matter, by bringing matter in oneness with the Spirit, i.e. our soul in oneness with our I AM Presence, which is our God Self.”

Link to video


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