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Let there be Light!

20 Dec

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Cymatics, Crop Circles, DNA, 2012

11 Oct

Cymatics and crop circles: – There is interesting correlations between creating patterns with sound and crop circles! I found several interesting articles on this and will present some snippets and videos. Do check out the articles, it is a good read!

Cymatics Crop Circles and 2012

(Image of sound frequency, vibrations: cymatics) >>>
(Image of crop circles) >>>

In the Article “Cymatics – Sacred Geometry – DNA” by Timberwolf (an article you do not want to miss!!)
the author asks: “if there was a connection between the geometric shapes created by the sound waves and Sacred Geometry?” And shares the following historical clues:

“Many ancient cultures describe in their creation myths a beginning point for all that exists in the world today. In many myths, sound or frequency is referred to either as a ‘Word’ or ‘Thought’. Some of these are:

– Ainu
– Egyptian
– Hermeticism
– Hindu
– Judaeo-Christian
– Mayan
– Mesopotamian/Sumerian
– Sikh

Many other cultures speak of drums, wind, hammers etc. All of these indicate some form of frequency being used to ‘create’ something.” //

This makes me think of the following videos,
demonstrating mysterious clues:

“God is speaking – through encoded messages”
Uploaded by ppsimmons on 18 Feb 2009

“This is a stand-alone clip from “THE BIBLE THE BODY AND BIOCHEMISTRY” From ICHTHUS FILMS. This vid sets forth the proposition that God HAS spoken and IS speaking through the “encoded” message of DNA. It is far more complex than Egyptian or Greek – or anything that SETI has looked for from space. It is exacting – predictable and understandable. It is mathematical and undeniably amazing…Could it be that God is speaking and we are just not listening?”

Cymatics, Language & DNA
Uploaded by purplehaze1212 on 6 Dec 2008

A discussion with Ben Stewart on the concept of Cymatics. What is it and how does it work? We talk about Shapes and the relationship to Sound, Language, the Hebrew Letter, the connection to the Nordic Rune scripture and “the first language”.

We move on to discuss DNA and how DNA can be influenced, affected and changed by words & thoughts. We talk about the microvolt of Brain and the Heart, Electromagnetic fields, Thoughts, Fear, Manipulation, Energy, Sickness, Parasites.

We round things up to discuss the Quantum field, the importance of Darkness, facing your shadow, learning from your shadow, the internal, the feminine and how the Light Festivities around the world have been all about suppressing the darkness. Don’t miss this excellent program.



Comment: “There are some great supporting explorations of The English Language being based on a hyper-dimensional representation of PI. Ones and Zeros, 10, Male and Female, Life, Maybe once they explore and question this, their idea on the language over 600,000,000 speak will change. For a cosmic example: (half of the Great Year) in English is spelled L.I.F.E. In Hebrew the word life means: mother of all life, biosphere. The English Language is quite lovely and not explored fully enough.”





“The Rosslyn Stave Angel – Music Cipher”
Uploaded by stuart7m on 29 Apr 2007

“An angel/music cipher that points out 3 notes of the music to The Rosslyn Motet accounting for 70% of the entire cube sequence. It is so subtle a decoy that you are supposed to think it is a musician playing a Harp or Psaltery, but when you look in detail, he is actually pointing strategically at 3 different lines and spaces of a stave of music. Referring to the first 3 cubes rising above his head.

~~~ >> Note in the last video how the Angel points to “3 cubes rising above his head”. What does cubes stand for? And them “rising” – could this be linked to 2012, rising in pitch, frequency, as in “ascension”? (I know some of you know… I will follow this up within short)


Moving forward to this ~~~~>>

Red Ice Radio 
Alex Putney –  Human Resonance & Sacred Sites
Uploaded by RedIceRadio on 20 Jun 2010

Alex Putney who is behind the interesting website joins us on the program to discuss his work and theories on standing waves, geometrical relationship between ancient monuments, pyramids, sacred sites, magnetic resonance, Earth’s chakras points, changing energies, 2012, acoustic levitation, Tesla, electrum water, black light and the strange objects found at La Maná in Ecuador that are UV fluorescent. Do not miss these two very interesting hours.

In the first hour we discuss: Phi, Giza Pyramids, Fibonacci Ratio, 1.45 Hertz, Prime Meridian, Cymatics, The Crop Circle Phenomenon, Crystallization of the Water, 2012, The Atlantis Properties, Age of the Pyramids & Sphinx, Pyramid Heart Beat Synchronization, Tri Thalamic Entrainment, Heart Mind Connection, Telepathic Ability, DNA, Sanskrit, Synchronization of Earth’s Bell, Human Bio Rythms, Cellphone Towers, Acoustic Environment, Prayer, The DNA Helix, Inscom, Anastasia, Biorhythms, Daniel Tammet, Infrasound Waves, Quality of the Water, Emotion in the Heart, Electrum Water, Ayurvedic Waters, Cleaning up the Body, La Mana, Black Light Power and more.

In our second hour with Alex we discuss grounding of the human body, illumination of your DNA and the special water with Gold and Silver particles, Electrum water.

We also talk about the true vs. the false illuminati, the casing stones of the pyramids, what their properties are, how they were made, the flood and water from Mars.

We process to discuss the changing energies are affecting Earth, anomalies taking place around the world in accordance to the standing wave ratio that Alex have mapped, unexplained fires, levitating stones and even strange animals are found. Are there changes happening to our DNA?

We talk about the purpose of the pyramids – fire, light and their function. We get into 2012, magnetic reversal and Betelgeuse. This star has shockingly been shrinking more than 15 per cent since 1993! Is it going to go supernova in 2012? Will the effects of this potentially dying star reach us at this critical moment?







Discussions on a forum about DNA and Frequencies can be read and commented on in this thread for example:

“Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies. Can create wormholes with our dna.”

*snippet* posted 10/01/2011:  “By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.”


Water Sound images of 432 Hz and 440 Hz

10 Oct

Water Sound images of 432 Hz and 440 Hz

Cymatics Images of the Sound creating Shape in Water.

“After writing an article about Water Sound Images and Quantum Physics for Frontier Magazine, Robert Boerman received a lot of requests to see if there was a difference between A tuned as 440 Hz or 432 Hz.

Well, there is…

432 Hertz, the natural sound frequency

In April 2008 I initiated the committee “Back to 432 Hz” and the accompanying website (1). I came in contact with 432 Hz by an article on the website (2). Of the committee, I want more awareness of 432 Hz as “voice pitch” instead of the usual 440 Hz now. Eventually, I hope the music industry standard of 440 Hz to 432 Hz is going to change, although that might take years.

Many people will not know what actually is known as voice pitch, let me first explain that:

Sound and music consist of vibrations, the higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the pitch. The unit for this is the Hertz, abbreviated Hz.

The voice pitch is meant the fixed pitch in the musical “room tone”, which is the musical note A above middle C, scientifically known as A4.

Natural mood

432 Hz is the natural voice pitch in the universe, as opposed to 440 Hz, that contemporary music is used on music CDs and mp3 files eg. Why 432 Hz is actually the natural mood? Rene Klever the website explains in his article (3) on the internet like this:

“Who does not know the children’s song” Do Re Mi fa sol la si do “. It’s actually not just a tune, it’s the scale. It starts low and ends exactly twice as high. The last note, the do, sounds exactly like the first but is higher. The music is called an octave. Each tone has a pitch, can be high or low or in between. That pitch is called frequency or vibration, and includes a certain number of vibrations per second. Consider the pendulum of a clock, which is many times a minute back and forth, or just look at a string of a guitar. The thickest string can be discerned with the naked eye vibrate, which is several times per second back and forth. Very fast, but you can still see.

If we go back to the rhyme, the “do” the first tone, the tonic. This first tone is always 432 vibrations per second, or 432 Hz with a difficult word. 432 vibrations per second which is a tone that is closely related to the universe around us. That tone is linked in nature, in mathematics, in planet orbits in the universe. That’s why music is usually so good for us, that music makes us, as it were, on the universe. We know that for a long time. That is very old knowledge.

All classical music by Bach, Brahms and Verdi and so on is composed and performed using this standard, an A at 432Hz. In this standard, the C 512Hz or 256 Hz octave lower, but still lower octaves (512-256-128-64-32-16-8-4-​2-1), the C at exactly one vibration per second, called “groundtone”. This mood is also called “science vote” this vote because scientifically with the universe. The oldest known proponent of this vote is Plato, the philosopher from Greece. ”

Introduction of 440 Hz

The default is now 440 Hz, how did that happen? On the Internet and among musicians themselves is much confusion about what exactly 440 Hz has been implemented, but according to the “Schiller Institute” (4) is the way it did:

In 1939 in Germany and Britain decided to reduce the frequency of 440 Hz as the voice pitch in music to enter after the first step in this direction in the 19th century was given. Their attempt to take over the world to then failed. Later, in 1953, in London at a conference of musicians decided yet 440 Hz as international standard ISO 16 to handle. Many protests from (among others) French musicians, for 432 Hz as standard, were unfortunately not avail.

Musical Instruments at 432 Hz

Most musical instruments are therefore now set to 440 Hz, which is not always the case turns out to be. If you find such instruments from much earlier times (such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians), and now in more remote areas on Earth, it appears that these instruments are usually tuned to 432 Hz.

Unfortunately by doing include TV and radio in these remote areas now 440 Hz the scene.

Most musical instruments are also tuned to 432 Hz, although that one instrument is easier to do than for others. With electronic instruments, the voice pitch quite easy to change, but for example the piano is much more difficult, which should be voted 2 to 3 times to achieve this. With wind instruments is quite tricky conversion, there simply is not the tool you simply can take longer to decrease sound. The play holes – the holes with your fingers to seal a certain tone to play – no more intonation, they must do this in a different location drilled.

Benefits of 432 Hz

What are the advantages of 432 Hz above 440 Hz?

1. 432 Hz the music in accordance with the majority of the music pleasant to the ear, is softer, prettier and brighter than music to 440 Hz. This is clear from examination of the Dutch students Breeveld Ginger and Sandy (5). It is true that you have a good ear must have in order to experience the difference. The full report of the students is available on the website of the Committee (1). In practice, the difference in quiet classical music better than hearing from loud music.

2. Since 432 Hz is much clearer than 440 Hz, 432 Hz, you do music playing less hard to be pleasant listening. This means you’ll incur less hearing loss, while the volume is not too high. It is known that in such a loudness of 90 dB hearing loss occurs after 8 hours.

There are also indications that if you have any music playing at 440 Hz so hard that it hurt your ears, this pain does not occur when the same music at 432 Hz on the hard volume belongs. The noise seems to less than 432 Hz at 440 Hz.

3. 432 Hz also has a beneficial effect on the chakras. 440 Hz works on the brow chakra, “thinking”, while 432 Hz works on the heart chakra, the “feel”. Listening to music at 432 Hz, thus accelerating the spiritual evolution of the music, but not everyone feels the effect immediately. Some people notice it right away, others take longer when listening to music at 432 Hz. The pace of this spiritual development is different for everyone.

These three reasons for my committee gave rise to more publicity to 432 Hz, including through the aforementioned website (1).

Music convert to 432 Hz

On the website of the committee (1) you can hear the difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz, and you can also original music that is contained in 432 Hz (for free). It is also possible to use a sound editing program like “Audacity” or “Adobe Audition” mp3 files and convert CD music to 432 Hz. How this works can be found in the aforementioned article on the website (2).

It is true that this conversion to 432 Hz all the “overtones” and other sensations at 440 Hz on a “certain way” are formed, still as “distorted” his. This problem arises naturally when the musical from the beginning to 432 Hz vote. The conversion to 432 Hz, therefore only gives an impression of the better quality of “real” music 432 Hz.

More and more attention to 432 Hz

On the internet recently become more information on this subject have appeared, and I think this is a good development, fortunately, my committee is not the only one who pays attention to 432 Hz. 432 Hz thus becomes increasingly familiar, even in the music industry itself.

Finally, I would note that more and more musicians are in 432 Hz (to) produce, and that more events throughout the data will be music to 432 Hz. There are also a number of Internet radio stations with music entirely at 432 Hz. The developments follow each other around this phenomenon, therefore, mainly thanks to the Internet!

So back to 432 Hz!”

Richard Huisken,

Initiator committee “Back to 432 Hz.





Images by: Robert Boerman


How 11.11.11 Becomes The Divine Name

26 Sep

Discover “How 11.11.11 Becomes The Divine Name”. Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman demonstrates how the magical numbers 11.11.11 transform into the Tetragrammaton; YHVH—the four letter name of God that was revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

Goldman, author of award winning book, THE DIVINE NAME, is an international authority on sound healing. He has discovered that the Divine Name is actually a universal sound composed entirely of vowels that when intoned resonates our chakras and puts us in touch with the Divine.

Watch the transformation of 11.11.11 to YHVH as you hear Jonathan intone “The Divine Name”. This fascinating You Tube video is beautiful to look at and listen to!

“Dear Friends:

Many of you know of my work with the Divine Name—what is known as “The Tetragrammaton”—the four letter name of God that was revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai. From my experience and discoveries, it is my understanding that this name is actually a universal sound composed entirely of vowels that resonates our chakras and puts us in touch with the Divine. This information is chronicled in

Several months ago, during deep meditation, I was shown something very interesting—how the numbers 11.11.11 became the Hebrew letters that make up the Tetragrammaton. It was quite a unique event, but something that proved challenging for me to share because it was a visual experience and not a sound experience.

Now, working with extraordinary visionary graphic artist Aaron Pyne, we have created a new You Tube video that I think you’ll enjoy. It is called “How 11.11.11 Becomes The Divine Name”.

If either 11.11.11 or the Divine Name resonates with you, I think you’ll find this 3 minute visual extravaganza quite interesting. Or if you just enjoy the combination of sacred sound and powerful visuals, you’re in for a treat with “How 11.11.11 Becomes The Divine Name”.

No claims are made about this most interesting phenomenon between the relationship of 11.11.11 and the Divine Name. I simply share it and trust it will resonate with you. Perhaps it will awaken something deep and profound. If not, it’ll prove to be a most interesting 3 minute experience.

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound

Jonathan Goldman”

Read more about healing sounds here!

11.11.11 Global Musical Prayer for Peace

26 Sep

Experience an event designed to promote inner-peace,
raise collective awareness and create a unique chance for World Peace.

Link to video

United By Music

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

The world’s most spiritually inspired musicians will unite in a Global Musical Prayer for Peace

Link to video

Faith in Each Other

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

A Global Musical Prayer for Peace from the heart of the world’s three monotheistic religions

Manger Square Bethlehem & the Church of Nativity

(Permission from Bethlehem and the Palestinian Government)

Believe In Yourself

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

BE part of a global movement for Peace

“Imagine a space in your busy life where the only intention is to celebrate and experience Peace. Imagine this peace as more than the absence of war, and more that the absence of noise, worry and even fear. This feeling of peace is available to us all the time, however, most of us find this hard to remember much less choose to experience this simple reality. So now, imagine creating this space, a personal alter of peace for yourself, on a specific day for 6 hours. Now imagine yourself and everyone you know all on the same day at the same time, at the same alter…Your neighbors, your family and friends, all the people you have ever met and new friends with whom you will soon connect… all having the hippest, most mind-blowingly cool, heart-opening, inspiring, authentic, collaboratively created peace experience ever had.

Project-Peace On Earth is a digitally distributed global Musical Prayer for Peace that enables the world’s most spiritually inspired and famed musicians to perform from comfort of their home, a personal or historic sacred site, while on tour or during a concert or from the central host concert stage of Manger Square, Bethlehem, and plug into a unified global broadcast for peace on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11).”

Link to video

“Our dream Stage for Manger Square. Your financial support brings this vision into a reality.”

(This rendering of the Manger Square Bethlehem concert event Stage was developed and created by Robert de Vico, PPOE Production Designer )

This live peace transmission will originate from the world and come to Manger Square Bethlehem, and then transmit from Manger Square back to the world, a continuous feed of inspiring sacred music from top musicians around the world, accompanied by the insightful wisdoms of today’s leading thinkers and celebrities.

The experience will use the latest in satellite and Internet networking technology to join the musicians of the world in a 6-hour transmission of Peace. The transmissions from additional sacred sites may also be mixed into a virtual concert environment and then beamed out through existing TV, Radio, and Internet networks around the world.

Special performances from remote sacred sites will create live-interactive musical bridges allowing musicians around the world to participate and collaborate in the event from wherever they are.

The internet has literally hardwired the collective consciousness, and thus created an empowering medium to spark interactive movements that can inspire and engage tens of millions to be the change, create new possibilities and do their part in creating real and lasting peace in our world. Project-Peace on Earth will harness this viral power of the Internet through creating a series of powerful calls to action.

It will later give a worldwide audience a looking glass
into how each of us can make a difference and make the world a better place.

Project-Peace on Earth, LLC is a Los Angeles-based organization promoting what will be a worldwide telecast concert of superstar musicians performing inspiring and sacred music from the some of the most mystical sites on the planet including from the host venue, Manger Square Bethlehem in Palestine.

Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO/Executive Producer of Project-Peace on Earth and is joined and supported by many of the top names in: Music, Film, Dance, Television, Mobile Phone, Global Internet Concert, Broadcast & Live Concert production & Design, Branding and Marketing, Science/Physics, Higher Education, Personal/Spiritual Development, Fine Art, Holistic & Allopathic medicine, Mobile Medical Vehicles/Clinics and World Travel/Touring and Exploration.”

Peter Rodger: Writer, Producer, Director of The Question (Oh My God)

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 1 Aug 2011
Peter Rodger: Writer, Producer, Director of: The Question (Oh My God) is an Advisory Board member of Project-Peace on Earth. He describes the importance of the power of music to unite us and the importance of the PPOE worldwide musical prayer for peace.

Sussan Deyhim, famed Iranian Sufi singer and Musical Ambassador for Project-Peace on Earth

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 27 Jun 2011
Sussan Deyhim, famed Iranian Sufi singer and Musical Ambassador for Project-Peace on Earth discusses the sacredness of music and its power to help us heal the psychic wounds we collectively hold in the face of the horrors we have historically inflicted on one another. Project-Peace on Earth concert scheduled for 11.11.11 taking place from Manger Square Bethlehem and other worldwide sacred sites.

Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero, Musical Ambassador for PPOE

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 1 Aug 2011
Alex Ebert, founder and lead singer of the famed rock group Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros discusses the the mystical nature of music and the importance of the Project-Peace on Earth worldwide musical prayer for peace.

Link to video

Uploaded by 1111PeaceConcert on 2 Sep 2011
Hani Naser, Musical Ambassador of Project-Peace on Earth discusses the spiritual importance of music within the context of creating a worldwide musical prayer for peace and from the holy site of Bethlehem

Project Peace on Earth and The Physics of Music

26 Sep

Project Peace on Earth the Physics of Music

Uploaded by projectpeaceonearth on 29 Oct 2010

Project-Peace on Earth (PPOE) is a worldwide concert of sacred music being performed from sacred sites. This video touches on the spiritual and physics of music as it relates to the intent of the music of the PPOE concert to act as catalyst to touch the heart and uplift awareness.