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The Saving Power

12 Nov

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High
and abide in the shade of the Almighty

Say to the Lord: “My refuge,
my stronghold, my God in whom I trust!”

It is he who will free you from the snare
of the fowler who seeks to destroy you;

He will conceal you with His pinions
and under his wings you will find refuge.

You will not fear the terror of the night
nor the arrow that flies by day,

Nor the plague that prowls in the darkness
nor the scourge that lays waste at noon.

A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand fall at your right,

You, it will never approach;
his faithfulness is buckler and shield.

Your eyes have only to look
to see how the wicked are repaid.

You who have said: “Lord, my refuge!”
and have made the Most High your dwelling.

Upon you no evil shall fall,
no plague approach where you dwell.

For you has he commanded his angels,
to keep you in all your ways.


They shall bear you upon their hands
lest you strike your foot against a stone.

On the lion and the viper you will tread
and trample the young lion and the dragon.

Since you cling to me in love, I will free you;
protect you for you know my name.

When you call I shall answer: “I am with you.”
I will save you in distress and give you glory.

With length of life I will content you;
I shall let you see my saving power.


When I call, answer me, O God of justice;
from anguish you released me, have mercy and hear me

You rebels, how long will your hearts be closed,
will you love what is futile and seek what is false?

It is the Lord who grants favors to those whom he loves;
the Lord hears me whenever I call him.

Fear him; do not sin; ponder on your bed and be still.
Make justice your sacrifice and trust the Lord.

“What can bring us happiness?” many say.
Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

You have put into my heart a greater joy
than they have from abundance of corn and new wine.

I will lie down in peace and sleep comes at once
for you alone Lord, make me dwell in safety.


Come Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of your faithful
and kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And You shall renew the face of the earth. 


O, God, who by the light of the Holy Ghost,
did instruct the hearts of the faithful,
grant that by the same Holy Spirit
we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations,
Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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The Holy Spirit is My Helper – The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is my helper
Now and forever
The one who is always by my side.
The Holy Spirit is my helper
Now and forever
The one who is always by my side.
He strengthens me when Im weak and worn
Takes away from me desires of this world
He teaches me to love and forgive
Shows me how to pray and fills me with the word
The mysteries of God He makes known to me
The truth now Im able to see
Wisdom and counsel He gives to me
And fills me with power from above

Tribute to MJ pt4 – feat. Can you feel it, 2012 Ascension

28 Oct

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Cymatics, Crop Circles, DNA, 2012

11 Oct

Cymatics and crop circles: – There is interesting correlations between creating patterns with sound and crop circles! I found several interesting articles on this and will present some snippets and videos. Do check out the articles, it is a good read!

Cymatics Crop Circles and 2012

(Image of sound frequency, vibrations: cymatics) >>>
(Image of crop circles) >>>

In the Article “Cymatics – Sacred Geometry – DNA” by Timberwolf
http://timberwolfhq.com/cymatics-sacred-geometry-dna/ (an article you do not want to miss!!)
the author asks: “if there was a connection between the geometric shapes created by the sound waves and Sacred Geometry?” And shares the following historical clues:

“Many ancient cultures describe in their creation myths a beginning point for all that exists in the world today. In many myths, sound or frequency is referred to either as a ‘Word’ or ‘Thought’. Some of these are:

– Ainu
– Egyptian
– Hermeticism
– Hindu
– Judaeo-Christian
– Mayan
– Mesopotamian/Sumerian
– Sikh

Many other cultures speak of drums, wind, hammers etc. All of these indicate some form of frequency being used to ‘create’ something.” //

This makes me think of the following videos,
demonstrating mysterious clues:

“God is speaking – through encoded messages”
Uploaded by ppsimmons on 18 Feb 2009

“This is a stand-alone clip from “THE BIBLE THE BODY AND BIOCHEMISTRY” From ICHTHUS FILMS. This vid sets forth the proposition that God HAS spoken and IS speaking through the “encoded” message of DNA. It is far more complex than Egyptian or Greek – or anything that SETI has looked for from space. It is exacting – predictable and understandable. It is mathematical and undeniably amazing…Could it be that God is speaking and we are just not listening?”

Cymatics, Language & DNA
Uploaded by purplehaze1212 on 6 Dec 2008

A discussion with Ben Stewart on the concept of Cymatics. What is it and how does it work? We talk about Shapes and the relationship to Sound, Language, the Hebrew Letter, the connection to the Nordic Rune scripture and “the first language”.

We move on to discuss DNA and how DNA can be influenced, affected and changed by words & thoughts. We talk about the microvolt of Brain and the Heart, Electromagnetic fields, Thoughts, Fear, Manipulation, Energy, Sickness, Parasites.

We round things up to discuss the Quantum field, the importance of Darkness, facing your shadow, learning from your shadow, the internal, the feminine and how the Light Festivities around the world have been all about suppressing the darkness. Don’t miss this excellent program.



Comment: “There are some great supporting explorations of The English Language being based on a hyper-dimensional representation of PI. Ones and Zeros, 10, Male and Female, Life, Maybe once they explore and question this, their idea on the language over 600,000,000 speak will change. For a cosmic example: (half of the Great Year) in English is spelled L.I.F.E. In Hebrew the word life means: mother of all life, biosphere. The English Language is quite lovely and not explored fully enough.”





“The Rosslyn Stave Angel – Music Cipher”
Uploaded by stuart7m on 29 Apr 2007

“An angel/music cipher that points out 3 notes of the music to The Rosslyn Motet accounting for 70% of the entire cube sequence. It is so subtle a decoy that you are supposed to think it is a musician playing a Harp or Psaltery, but when you look in detail, he is actually pointing strategically at 3 different lines and spaces of a stave of music. Referring to the first 3 cubes rising above his head.

~~~ >> Note in the last video how the Angel points to “3 cubes rising above his head”. What does cubes stand for? And them “rising” – could this be linked to 2012, rising in pitch, frequency, as in “ascension”? (I know some of you know… I will follow this up within short)


Moving forward to this ~~~~>>

Red Ice Radio 
Alex Putney –  Human Resonance & Sacred Sites
Uploaded by RedIceRadio on 20 Jun 2010

Alex Putney who is behind the interesting website HumanResonance.org joins us on the program to discuss his work and theories on standing waves, geometrical relationship between ancient monuments, pyramids, sacred sites, magnetic resonance, Earth’s chakras points, changing energies, 2012, acoustic levitation, Tesla, electrum water, black light and the strange objects found at La Maná in Ecuador that are UV fluorescent. Do not miss these two very interesting hours.

In the first hour we discuss: Phi, Giza Pyramids, Fibonacci Ratio, 1.45 Hertz, Prime Meridian, Cymatics, The Crop Circle Phenomenon, Crystallization of the Water, 2012, The Atlantis Properties, Age of the Pyramids & Sphinx, Pyramid Heart Beat Synchronization, Tri Thalamic Entrainment, Heart Mind Connection, Telepathic Ability, DNA, Sanskrit, Synchronization of Earth’s Bell, Human Bio Rythms, Cellphone Towers, Acoustic Environment, Prayer, The DNA Helix, Inscom, Anastasia, Biorhythms, Daniel Tammet, Infrasound Waves, Quality of the Water, Emotion in the Heart, Electrum Water, Ayurvedic Waters, Cleaning up the Body, La Mana, Black Light Power and more.

In our second hour with Alex we discuss grounding of the human body, illumination of your DNA and the special water with Gold and Silver particles, Electrum water.

We also talk about the true vs. the false illuminati, the casing stones of the pyramids, what their properties are, how they were made, the flood and water from Mars.

We process to discuss the changing energies are affecting Earth, anomalies taking place around the world in accordance to the standing wave ratio that Alex have mapped, unexplained fires, levitating stones and even strange animals are found. Are there changes happening to our DNA?

We talk about the purpose of the pyramids – fire, light and their function. We get into 2012, magnetic reversal and Betelgeuse. This star has shockingly been shrinking more than 15 per cent since 1993! Is it going to go supernova in 2012? Will the effects of this potentially dying star reach us at this critical moment?








Discussions on a forum about DNA and Frequencies can be read and commented on in this thread for example:

“Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies. Can create wormholes with our dna.”

*snippet* posted 10/01/2011:  “By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.”



2012 – A Message of Hope

24 Sep



Secret Codes and 2012

10 Sep


This video is called “Jaxwell2012” part 8 (I found it when I searched on ‘torah code +maya’, I will upload more about ancient scriptures, prophecies, codes and mysteries regarding 2012.

From Youtube Channel:

“Solstice – Galactic Centre Conjunction: John Major Jenkins has finally decoded the meaning behind the Mayan Great Cycle. In his book Maya Cosmo genesis 2012, he shows that the Great Cycle is a fifth and final cycle in the 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes, except that the Mayans measured it from the Winter Solstice instead of the Spring Equinox. On 21/12/2012, the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which the Maya called the Mouth of the Crocodile, (or jaguar-toad); the Crocodile Tree being the Milky Way itself.

This is the widest part of the Milky Way, and corresponds to the direction of the center of the galaxy. As the alignment occurs, the Earth will align with the plane of the galaxy and pass onto the other side,** causing a field effect energy reversal, allowing us to resonate with the source of the field. This will be the completion of the human spiritual embryogenesis which is measured by the Mayan Long Count calendar, culminating in a pole shift in the collective psyche, and the birth of our Higher Selves. This last day of the Great Cycle, the Maya called Creation Day.

Hopi Tribal Prophecy: Oh Shinnah says the “Great Purification” will be over by 2011 and says “it will be marked by the appearance of a new star”.

Inca Prophecy: Wi1laru Huayta, a Peruvian “spiritual messenger” says that 2013 is the end of the Inca calendar, and in that year – a “huge asteroid” 3 times larger than Jupiter will pass close to earth, causing cataclysms that will kill off most of humankind.

The Bible Code; Michael Drosnin’s book, The Bible Code, tells the story of a code apparently discovered in the torah, which has now been verified by mathematicians and code-breakers, predicts all major news items from the holocaust to Hiroshima. More recent events have been decoded before they happened, including the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy comet with Jupiter. The date of the collision was found to be encoded months before it happened. As for the future, the last encoded date is 2126 -seventh month – when comet Swift-Tuttle is predicted to return to the solar system, just as astronomers have already predicted. However, in 2012, a comet is predicted which will crumble into pieces and/or annihilate the earth. “//

Copied from underneith the video

Michael Jackson Warns of 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy

27 Feb

Michael Jackson warns of 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy

In the documentary movie ‘This Is It’, rehearsals recorded in early 2009 show Michael Jackson saying “We have four years to get it right or else it’s irreversible”.

This brings into question as to what Jackson is actually referring to? Did Jackson have knowledge of an upcoming plan by the Illuminati? Let’s not forget that Jackson was very much in the loop of conspiracy and still is even after his death.

Why could Jackson mention a specific time scale? There are many theories of 2012 and the Mayan calendar, however, that is not to say that 2012 is the exact year as nobody knows for sure but one thing is certain; 2012 has been a hot topic not only as of recent but long before also.

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2012 what may happen

26 Feb

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