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Saturn and dimensions of reality ~ JUMP through Time

12 Oct

The second most clicked on topic in this blog is the one about SATURN, Black Cube and Judgement Day ~@ https://wonderinspirit.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/saturn-black-cube-and-judgement-day/

I descided a couple of hours ago that I would do a follow up. Found myself sleepless and knew it was for a reason. As I did follow some influences it turned out there was material to be shared… So here is the feedback on this restlessness this fullmooon night/day.

Kindly, Enigma W.S.

ADD> Found a very trippy blogpost: “THE LOST SYMBOL AND SIRIUS 1111 BLACK SUN STARGATE AND DOOMSDAY POLE SHIFT” http://sealrevelation.blogspot.com/2011/07/lost-symbol-tesseract-rhombic.html



1. Dont shoot the Messenger

Charles Frith ask a good question on his blogpost “Metatrons & 5D Communications” ~@ http://www.charlesfrith.com/2011/04/metatrons-5d-communications.html

//….”the video/ might save you time. It is worth watching if only to ask the question if ET’s are ignoring the largest communications aerial in the UK, next to the crop patterns deliberately.

===>>> !!!! (note!!) “Does that mean they don’t trust our military and government institutions? That they would prefer to communicate directly to us?”


As you move along down to watch the videos presented a picture will unfold as to WHY “aliens” would perhaps NOT trust the military or government institutions and choose to communicate to us directly! 


Continuing on Charles blog, this post is about: “Saturn & Metatron’s Cube” ~@ http://www.charlesfrith.com/2011/05/saturn-metatrons-cube.html

as he goes to show: “Y’all can see from the sacred geometry below that there’s a two dimensional Hexagon AND a three dimensional Cube right?”

more from Charles: “Not every shape within a shape can represent both 2D and 3D structure with the integrity of Metatron’s cube above, which can do a whole lot more than Hexagon and Cubes (Hexadron) and is really the DNA of platonic solids, and thus a building block to reality. If you wish the creator of the universe had metatrons cube in mind before commencing with 3D reality. It’s a transcendental form and a blueprint of life.”

//(for those that wish to learn more about Sacred Geometry and Metatrons Cube, here is a video:  youtube.com/watch?v=ZOqg5bPZ0HE&feature=player_embedded ) //

(Saturn ultraviolet reveils hexagon on poles)>>

“Saturn was discovered in the 70’s to have a rotating Hexagon on it’s north and south poles. Nowhere else in the universe is this the case (to our knowlege) and so we might ask ourselves a pertinent question. Why did the ancient Hebrews (and others) worshipped the black cube and Saturn right up until today?”

(image of Jewish Cube) >>

“Or rather, how did they know that Saturn has a representational Metatron’s cube when we only found out a few decades ago? The link with the Islamic Kabah is hard to ignore too if you can now see the 2 dimensional Hexagon and 3 dimensional Hexadron.”

“Saturn’s influence on our space and time are hard to ignore and I’ve now had a Damascene conversion to the inarguable influence of of Saturn on our planet as displayed by the ancient Hebrew’s AND the cosmic elites at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. I was sure before but now I’m convinced.

Oh and the good news is we got outside help on our side. The evidence has been under our noses for some time, but buckle up for the ride because there are those with everything to lose and we have EVERYTHING to gain.”


Charles, in another of his blogposts, goes into the topic ofTime Lords, Saturn and Lord of the Rings”  ~@ http://www.charlesfrith.com/2011/05/time-lords-saturn-and-lord-of-rings.html

I will share the material/clues here>~

An image of CERN:

I will add to that image, the following short video >>
Sunflower CERN Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 6 Sep 2011

Charles did choose a video that has been removed,
so I will share this instead to link things together,
but first I will add the 2 images he posted:

I’m moving on to post some other videos >>

Is there a device under the ICE_And is time a concern for CERN
Uploaded by TheMmmast on 4 Jul 2011
Uploaded by anthonyp43 on Jul 4, 2011

“Just throwing this out there. Are cern messing with time? Is there some kind of time machine hidden 2 miles under the ice in antarctica? And saturn, the black sun, lord of time and space, does that have direct links to the earth. All this and links to watch and help you understand a bit better, underneath.”


More  >>>

The cartoon proves it was all planned, drawn in 1998
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 14 Sep 2011

Operation Dark Star
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 2 Jul 2011

Clocks in Sicily Gain Time (15th June 2011)
Uploaded by Thyalwaysseek on 15 Jun 2011

What’s Going On In Antarctica?
Uploaded by Mr2tuff on 3 Jul 2011


CERN _ LHC – Time Travel _ Black Holes
Uploaded by dwayne1138 on 22 Apr 2011

“CERN is purposefully operated internationally as to operate outside all jurisdictions. My point to all this is what has given these scientists the right to play with a machine that most people on this planet are unaware of, yet they have the power to play god and downplay the potential to destroy the world?

These people in charge of the LHC lack self-preservation instincts in similar way, like many sectarians. No evidence or theory would convince them about LHC disaster, until it really happens…”


LHC coordinates:
46°14’05.95”N, 6°03’14.55”E

videos from http://www.youtube.com/user/Standard999999

LHC, Nazi, Stargates & Contact (1997)
Uploaded by anonymoustruther2 on 16 Apr 2011

“Did Robert Zemeckis in his movie “Contact”, of 1997, flagged the real purpose of the Large Hadron Collider and why the Illuminati have built it?  Is the LHC is a stargate device? This whole movie is based in the work of Carl Sagan and I really doubt it was just a mere entertainment.”

PROJECT PEGASUS: Disclosing time-travel-stargate technology in US military. (5 parts, part 1>)
Uploaded by undercoveralien on 12 Aug 2010

According to some whistleblowers as Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and Andrew D. Basiago, the US military has developed secret projects on time-travel and stargate technologies, for decades and under a very heavy cover up agenda. These claims could be just another conspiracy theories, if these men were not former military black ops. Engineers, expertises in electronics, physics… High IQ men that allege have worked in several projects carried by Navy, whose origins go back 40 years when 3 of the most brilliant minds of mankind were drafted to develop technologies towards the electronic camouflage of vessels, on nazi radars: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John Von Neumann, the heads of the “Philadelphia Experiment” aka “Manhattan Project” aka “Rainbow Project” and its extensions, the “Project Montauk” and “Pegasus Project”.

According to these whistleblowers the military got succeed, but not without thousands of human losses, guinea pigs in sinister tests carried across 50 years. These denounces surely would pass by sci-fi delusions, due the lack of physical evidence, if recently a singular person hadn’t confirmed the claims of these men: Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower, the american president that supposedly had several meetings with extraterrestrial beings in 1954. I gathered some neat material in this five-parts video, that may help you to figure out the whole thing and its implications to mankind.

To further investigation:



Going back to Charles blogs about this >> “CERN and Saturn: Gyroscopes Affecting Space, Time & Gravity?” ~@ http://www.charlesfrith.com/2011/05/cern-and-saturn-gyroscopes-affecting.html

where he shares this video:

Saturn doing what its suppose too man isnt Pt2
Uploaded by Occultscience101 on 29 May 2011

“This dosent end here theres more alot more”


//~~~~~~~~~~~>>> Here is the first blogpost I made about this topic >>>  SATURN, Black Cube and Judgement Day ~@ https://wonderinspirit.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/saturn-black-cube-and-judgement-day/


ADD> Found a very trippy blogpost: “THE LOST SYMBOL AND SIRIUS 1111 BLACK SUN STARGATE AND DOOMSDAY POLE SHIFT” http://sealrevelation.blogspot.com/2011/07/lost-symbol-tesseract-rhombic.html


Saturn, Black Cube and Judgement Day

28 Feb

ADD October 12, 2011 – New blogpost about Saturn and dimensions of reality ~ Jump through Time: https://wonderinspirit.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/saturn-and-dimensions-of-reality-jump-through-time/
Is there a link between BLACK CUBE’s and JUDGES, as in JUDGING? Are there occult secrets and mysticism linked to this which is ‘veiled’ to the ordinary man? In this post I brush upon topics which makes me suspect that ‘gridkeepers’ are linked to a level of evil shadow workers, the ego or “service to self”-mentality. And perhaps the gnostics “archons” are linked to the black cube of ‘judgement’ working through the ‘archons’ as portrayed in the image. If so, does it serve a purpose? *snippet* From The Revelations of Jesus Christ Introduction: REVELATION 21 At the close of the 20th chapter, the lost are eternally separated from God’s presence.  The saints, Old & New Testament, Tribulation and Millennium are in the eternal city, The New Jerusalem. Chapters 21 & 22, mark the beginning of new phase of the redeemed.  From the fall of Adam to the completion of the Millennium, the lost and redeemed lived together on the earth. At death, the lost and redeemed are separated. At the Great White Throne, the lost are eternally judged, and separated from the redeemed in the lake of fire.  Following the Great White Throne, the redeemed are presented with their eternal dwellings. In these final two chapters, John gives the redeemed an eyewitness account of their future eternal dwellings. In Chapter 21, John describes an immense walled city in the shape of a cube, the New Jerusalem, the home of the saints of all ages, from the time of Adam until the close of the Millennium.  Inside the city, God Himself will dwell for the rest of eternity, with the redeemed. As for the Black Cube, Judges, Degrees and Saturn, here are some information from various sources: – Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”: “When you graduate from high school you come out processionally with a black robe, which is black for Saffron, the God of the Hebrews, requiring that you wear the square mortarboard on top of your head. The square mortarboards are, of course, used by the Freemasons for their plaster, so that is why you wear a square mortarboard when you graduate, ultimately becoming an Alumni. It all has to do with Freemasonry; it all has to do with the control of education in this country.” First you pay out your “tuition” to get into “universe”ity where they strip you of your Intuition and give you an Indoctrination. Then you receive a “MaStars” Masonic “degree,” while wearing a Masonic mortar board cap and Cult of Saturn black robes to become an Alumni/Illumini. Graduation means to increment or retard progress. As Jordan Maxwell says, “the true meaning of Graduation is gradual indoctrination.” Source My reflection – to me, the ‘grading’ or truth is to limit a person and therefore the whole society. Knowledge and the “expertise” are splitted into cells. These cells are easily dumbed down to a box-like thinking, since it is rewarded as ‘correct. ‘ This leads to primal fear of the natural, real self, and the true nature of others “out there”, all this has become veiled, separated from our view. We fear the unknown. The deeper and whole are seen as wrong or even dangerous, for it goes against ‘The System’. This is a true control-freak’s wet dream. Very clever SYSTEM for the Great Wizard of Oz, who sits in the Control Tower. A horrible prison cell for the subordinat who’s divine soul screams in horror over the unnatural position it finds itself in. To revolt is natural reaction on an abnormal situation. Though, the level of courage isnt as high as the satesfaction of the comfortazone. We grow into a numb static repetetive zoombie, no longer seeking the narrow road filled with the demanding questions. Since this has lead to something very unnatural and God is Nature itself personfied – what if The time of Revelation, functions to ‘shake’ and ‘stir’ up those safetyzones? Perhaps God desires to wake up the sleeping beauty’s from their slumber in the comfortzone system? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aXo3JR4ldg Link to Youtube Angels blow the trumpet, and the time of Revelation, the Apocalypse – lifting of the veils, has come! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czpn7wxWgAg Link to Youtube What happens when the controlled masses sees through the illusion of ‘The Great Wizard of Oz’ more spectacular tricks, the oh so powerful legendary Ruler(s)…? What fantastic tools has The Ruler put into place to hold the fearfactory intact? Some buttons has got to be able to push, in order for the now exposed ones to scare the seeker and silence the revolting conciousness. Fearporn via superstition due to lack of understanding or limited knowledge has so far kept leashed in chains. Was it a Woman who dared question The Great Wizard of Oz? “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” The link shows a great example of how the elite use propaganda to strike fear and obedience out of us. Question everything and pull the curtain back” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u13k6whAx3A Link to Youtube Alternative “Ending” of “The Never Ending” Spiral 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=munbt8qpCiQ Link to Youtube ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moving on… On disclose.tv forum page 10 of 10 presents theories regarding the link between occult worship of Saturn, Secret Societies and the Black Cube. *Snippet* //…”The gods of ELohim are angELs, the messengers of god. When witches cast a speEL, they put the “Hex” (6) on someone, and when chefs deep fry something, they “Deep 6” it. It is the ELites who run the world today. Elite comes from the “IsraElites” which came from the Egyptian worship of the Moon (Isis), the Sun, (Ra), and Saturn (Elohim), hence IsRaEl. Jews and Muslims alike worship a huge black cube/box called Kabba at Mecca. Their god YHWH is known as the “Tetragramaton” meaning their 4 letter (4 sided?) God. The “Kabballah” of Jewish mysticism/Masonry comes from KabbaAllah or “CubeGod” around which people gather and ceremonially walk in circles. Thus it can be said they are “circling the square.” Masons are also constantly referring to “circling the square” and “squaring the circle.” (Continued below the image) comment: //….”The expression “squaring the circle” is sometimes used as a metaphor for doing something logically or intuitively impossible….“// Image ….(Continued) For instance, this is why a “boxing” match is fought for “rounds” in the “ring” but it is actually a 4 sided square arena with corners. The Freemasonic G (Geometry/God) symbol within a compass and T-square symbolizes this as well. Just as people circle around their Cube-God Kabba, so the Masons use a compass/square around their “G” God/Geometry. Image: look deeper into the movie ‘National Treasure’, The lost symbol, Skull and Bones etc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Islamic tradition, the “Rock” is where Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. The Dome of the “Rock” was built in the 600 AD era and was won back by the Israelites on 06/07/67 after the “6 day war.” The Dome’s outer walls measure 60 (6×10) feet wide and 36 (6×6) feet high. Image: Dome of the Rock AmericanVision discuss Dome of the Rock and if there needs to be built a new Temple on that spot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Knights Templar claimed the Dome of the Rock was the site of the Temple of Solomon and set up their “Templum Domini” adjacent to it during the 12th century. “Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. (Read about the festival celebrating Saturnalia.) The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. ( Link: Discussion-thread @bbsradio “Holy Shatner! Rome and Vatican City were originally a portal, a space station for transportation to and from other worlds? Moon? Phaeton? Mars? Saturn? ) Saturn also relates to Lucifer. In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.” –Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” Bloodlines Of The Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier 1 of 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OIL7tilrE8 Link to Youtube See also: googlevideo Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines & their Mind Control (Fritz Springmeier) 2:37:43 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And more… a more alchemical view on the occult connection to Saturn: //….”Here is what you got by unfolding a cube… Image What do you thought that Jesus, or I must say יְהוֹשֻׁעַ‎‎ Y’hoshuʿa climbing the “via crucis” or the path of the cross signifies. Saturn in astrology represents the enlightment through suffering, he is the master who teaches under the standing in pain (Understanding). You must endure your own crosses, your fates, or Karma if you prefer in order to be redeemed and purified… By carrying your bodies and all LIMITATIONS inherent to it, and all that is subjectively implicit to your personalities, you are following all the symbology taught under allegorical images by many religions. Climb your “Mountains”, your goals and objectives, without malice and purehearted and you may be Understanding all of it too!!! Also the geometric cubic figure represents The Sun, and I’m sure that the ones of you worthy will easily do the math. That’s how to turn lead (Saturn) into gold (Sun)….”// Image The following is copied from Above Top Secret (ATS) about Saturn Worship, page 1. There is a discussion about the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem prior to the return of Yeshua HaMashiach (the reborn Jesus). There is alot of quarrels as for the origin of symbols and who stole what from who, and if it is a group following Christ or Anti-Christ. In this case its about Solomon’s Seal. // Discussion: no 1 claims: “The Zionists (Synagogue of Satan) stole Solomon’s Seal from the Real Jews.” no 2 responds: – “And the Jews borrowed it from the Brahmins, and the Brahmins borrowed it from the Tantric Rishis. You can learn about it here:, Link to Arcanum 6: Indecision http://www.gnosticteachings.org/content/view/335/66/ *snippet* // SEAL OF SOLOMON “A six-pointed star formed by two crossed triangles. Also known in India as the sign of Vishnu and used as a talisman against evil.” // Image: Sign of Vishnu (?) “Marriage between Shakti and Shiva. From discussionforum symbolicliving, regarding the Number 6 being androgynous (male/female) Lucifer. Image: “The six-pointed star or interlaced triangles (also known as Solomon’s seal or the sign of Vishnu) represents universal spirit and matter.” @Vigliantcitizen forum ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *snippet* // “Saturn is the Demiurge Architect. Saturn is related Kabbalistically to Binah (Jehovah-Elohim), the Holy Spirit. Its color is Black and its Metal is Lead. The Rites of Saturn, the Sabbath (which is on Saturn-Day), are utilized by both Black Magicians (fornicators) and White Magicians (Chaste Ones): Klipoth 7: Saturn …Who are these unfaithful ones, the unbelievers? These are not outside us, the people that don’t believe in our religion, but these are our egos, which are inside, who are the enemies of the work that we have to perform, which is the work of Saturn. That’s why we teach about the Great Work of the Holy Spirit, but people do not like this work, they are afraid of the Holy Spirit. The whole work is called occultism – why? Because the whole work that we perform with the Holy Spirit is Occult, is performed in the hidden parts, in the darkness. Of course, we know that there are the opposite forces in the darkness. If the Holy Spirit makes light in the darkness, there are also other creatures there who are the enemies of the Holy Spirit, that hate the Holy Spirit, that hate Jehovah Elohim, Siva. These are the demons, the ego. There are those people that work in the darkness for evil, for the sake of the ego, not for the sake of Jehovah Elohim. That is why related to Saturn, Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Work of the Israelites, is the word Samson = Shem Shaun. Shemsh-aun derives from the Hebrew words – Shemesh = Sun Aun = Sexual strength So, Samson means in Hebrew the sexual strength of the sun – and where is this? It is in the Stone, Yesod. The solar light is placed in the Stone, thanks to the Holy Spirit. That’s why in Kabbalah we say that the Stone of Yesod, which is the Ninth Sphere, is controlled by the Moon, and the forces of the Moon are governed by Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit. Image: Read about the Wise Bride of Solomon ~ So the whole energy of the sun is placed in the earth thanks to the moon – the moon organises the forces. But in the moon we find two forces, the white force that is controlled by Jehovah who teaches chastity, and the black forces of the moon, governed by Lilith, the opposite. Lilith comes from the word Laila – which in Hebrew means “night.” The word Delilah means the night. So, Samson and Delilah means the struggle of the forces of dark and light within the Initiate who knows the secret of the Sabbath. Samson was a Nazarene – these were those people that didn’t cut their hair or beards, and were consecrating their life to Jehovah Elohim, to the forces of Saturn. That’s why Samson was strong, not physically, but psychologically speaking, spiritually speaking. Very strong, the strength of the Holy Spirit, when we transmute, when we are in chastity, that energy, which is solar energy, which is Shemesh, rises in the spinal column and reaches the brain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQuUVnZh3L0 Link to Youtube And this is how the brain becomes illuminated by Intelligence. This is how the long hair of Samson is related with the sexual energy transmuted, when the Holy Spirit reaches the hair, or the long hair, or the rays of the sun on the head of Samson, is the intelligence, wisdom, and understanding.”// Alex Grey – CHAKRA KUNDALINI AWAKENING http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o2GfaWEBdM Link to Youtube BEYOND A NEW EARTH: The Birth of a Super-Conscious Brain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYqeeQXdI0s Link to Youtube Continuing the analogy of Samson: //…”He was almighty, but of course Delilah, the night, cut his hair. How? If the force of Samson is in his hair, which is the rays of the sun, the light, the force of transmuting, it is obviously that by fornicating is how she cut it. All the strength was out of him – he became blind – he had no more visions, he was no longer a seer, no longer a Kabbalist. He became like anybody. But he was a worshipper of Jehovah Elohim, he knew the secret, he knew the path, but he didn’t succeed in the ordeal with Laila, Lilith, the night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS-fBWGtd5s Link to Youtube Lyrics:We are the lucky ones We shine like a thousand suns When all of the colour runs together I’ll keep you company In one glorious harmony Waltzing with destiny forever Dance me into the night Underneath the moon shining so bright Turning me into the light Time dances whirling past I gaze through the looking glass And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven Sacred geometry Where movement is poetry Visions of you and me forever Dance me into the night Underneath the moon shining so bright Turning me into the light Dance me into the night Underneath the moon shining so bright Let the dark waltz begin Oh let me wheel – let me spin Let it take me again Turning me into the light And Lilith *my note: (The Night*/the shadow self) are the forces of evil that work in the darkness – they have nothing to do with the light – they enjoy performing evil, the ego.” Image: my reflections on the text is that to become a full circle and not just cut up in degrees, we need the approach and Master/Embrace both our brainlobes in society and in our selves. ~ Here presented are the left and right brain charasteristics. Mostly in society the left-brained are “judged” to be Superior and valued on “the market”, while the Visionary, the Mystic are supressed. The Age of Aquarious is us as a group and as individual conciousness flipping the switch, ON! Link to post about the full circle mentality we need to Enter! ~ The Lakota (Sioux) Medicine Wheel. A STROKE OF INSIGHT – reveiling the brainlobes individual ‘self’ and the global conciousness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzQ7jB5q3Yc Link to Youtube ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Snippet continued): “There is on the Left Hand the so-called Witches Sabbath – in which the witches, demons, sorcerers, etc, gather in order to celebrate the Sabbath, but in the evil way. This is why there was confusion in the Middle Ages, because of the Ignorance of the Catholic priests who didn’t know about the secrets of Sabbath, and criticised even the great Initiates who were working with Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit. Of course many initiates were burned, killed, by the “Holy Inquisition” that didn’t know anything about the Holy Work with the Holy Spirit.”// REFLECTION ~ Could this be the rite performed in “Eyes Wide Shut” The ‘service to self’ the shadow ego’s re-enacting such sexual-power trip on the Masked Ball? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THNzuF33tZo Link to Youtube ~~~>> continuing the snippet: “This Great Work is in relation to the sexual organs, that which we call the Holy Tabernacle, or the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Science, the Ark of Alliance etc. This is always referring to the sexual organs. That is why there are a lot of commandments in the Bible relating to sex. There are many people that read the Bible but do not understand it, because they ignore the Mysteries of Binah, Saturday… Binah by Rosaleen Norton. Note the figure is holding an infinity symbol. “It is the pull of Binah that is going to get the magician out of the Abyss. Understanding. Binah corresponds with the part of the soul Neschemah, interpreted as The Intuition.” // IN THE DARK, WHERE THE EGO RULES, A LIGHTBRINGER ARE PUT TO SLEEP IN ORDER TO BE KEPT IN THE DARK. “This is why the Great Magician Eliphas Levi has said:” “Woe to the Samson of Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah!”.. // …… To me, The “Judgement DAY” – is an allegory of that IN LIGHT or ‘clear sight’, or why not an ‘Illuminated’ one, with awareness, are The Judge. Someone who has gained understanding by going through pain, seeking the narrow road, and found The Gate to reach Home again. Perhaps it is part of the Mystics journey to “get lost” in labyriths and maze’s, to gain wisdom. Possibly the “Lost Sheep” is “The Progidal Son” leaving Home, to suffer and gain knowledge. From PraxisEvents/Qabalah:


“The inner conflict can be transcended by getting here, the centre of the Tree. Paths lead to every Sephira, except Malkuth. A state of altered consciousness. Consciousness of consciousness. There is no direct route back to Malkuth. Tiphereth literally means Beauty. Beauty in a general sense is something that facilitates joy. Gold, the purified consciousness of Alchemy. Ra, Krishna, Christ. Note the gold and Solar Cross around Christ. The Romans wouldn’t have persecuted the early Christians if there was nothing in it. Originally there was something in it : joy, love, light, warmth, gold — the agape, the love feast. Christ may have been an initiate of The Essenes. The time wasn’t right to talk openly about Tiphereth. There is a cross or tau in the Tree, made out of the four Sephiroth Malkuth (earth) — Tiphereth (air) — Binah (water) — Chokmah (fire). It could be seen that talking about the Tree was the undoing of one Yeshua ben Yosef. //

The Tree of Life

Left : OTz ChIM, The Tree of Life, including translations of most terms, the Four Worlds and the Parts of the Soul, from Thelemapedia. Right : Tree of Life rendered by Steffi Grant, from The Carfax Monographs. Hebrew, from Proto-Semitic c. 4000 BCE. English is from the 5th C CE. Hebrew was spoken before it was written. This ties in with the idea in magic :

To speak is to create.

Geometry of Tree. Made of triangles which make hexagons. Can be derived from flower of life. 3D suggested. Hexagon can look like a cube. Going between dimensions. The Tree is covered in triangles since a hexagon is comprised of 6 equilateral triangles. The Tree also divdes into three triads. The Supernal Triad made up of Kether — Chokmah — Binah (white — grey — black) The soul triad made up of Chesed — Geburah — Tiphereth (blue — red — yellow, the primary colours) The personality triad made up of Netzach — Hod — Yesod (green — orange — purple, the secondary colours). Anhatakharana. Going between 2 and 3 dimensions. At the bottom of the tree is a large triangle made up of Malkuth — Hod — Netzach. Triangles can make 3 regular polyhedra. There are only 5 regular polyhedra — the Platonic solids : Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron. There are 10 Sephiroth. Ten is of significance to us because it is the base of our number system. 10 is the 4th triangular number (i.e. 10 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4), and this is true in any base. Ten is also the 3rd tetrahedral or triangular pyramidal number. This is also a property that is independent of base. In the animation above there are ten spheres counting from the yellow layer to the top. Ten is the sum of the first three triangular numbers : 10 = 1 (black) + 3 (red) + 6 (yellow). Ten itself (blue) is the next number in that sequence. 3 is the least number of rods required to create a stable structure.


Buckminster-Fuller was a big fan of triangles. (Note from Enigma Wonder’in Spirit: To Navigate over a round surface/sphere, one needs to use triangles!) Geodesic sphere. Flower of life. Geodesic Greenhouse. Tensegrity. Building with tension and compression. A drystane dyke is Stone Age technology, it is an art to shape all the stones so the wall stands up without cement. This is still the principle of modern buildings — stone piled on stone. One definition of magic is :

To operate on the unseen and thereby cause changes in the seen.

By this definition engineering, like a lot of human activity, is magic, clearly visible in Malkuth.


Yesod is inside the triangle of Malkuth — Hod — Netzach. On the site borndigital.com (aka ifdawn.com) it is suggested that Yesod corresponds with the Buddhist principle of Samsara. Along the lines of the comic writer Alan Moore, I tend to think on Yesod as imagination. In his comic PrometheaMoore identifies Yesod and Hod as two spheres that are readily accesible and important to the magician. In an interview Moore said :

Creating comics is a mesmeric world of words and pictures and I spend most of my day there.

In Yesod Moore visualises what the comic will look like.


In Hod Moore manipulates language to create a narrative. Hod can be accessed through an internal monologue, or symbols. By symbol I mean a mental image that represents an object or concept quite definitely (e.g. a graph), not the sometimes fantastical, imaginative mental images of Yesod.


Venus de Milo

The sphere of Netzach can be accessed through our feelings. I think on feelings as non-verbal thoughts. Joining Hod and Netzach is the Tarot card The Tower.


I tend not to use the Tarot for divination. Even if divination has no correlation with the future and is entirely random, it can still have benefit. A random factor could break us out of habits. The Tower to me represents the internal conflict between thoughts and feelings, or heart and head. Very interesting contemplations, and it feels good to know as a Navigator, which direction to follow – since IT is pointed out by Jesus… His Heart was the CENTER – shown by The Flame (Illuminated) since His kundalini had risen and opened His Sacred Heart, to His Crown. //…. End of part 1 of Saturn, Black Cubes, Judgement Day If you wish to contemplate even more: > Bibliotecapleyades, on “The Atlantean Conspiracy” Interesting blogpost about the Catholic’s powerelite, EGO, the strive for being Godlike and the Kabbalah


ADD October 12, 2011 – New blogpost about Saturn and dimensions of reality ~ Jump through Time: https://wonderinspirit.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/saturn-and-dimensions-of-reality-jump-through-time/