About me

I’m a philosopher, seer, wanderer and a Messenger. I walk with God, and attempt to bridge Heaven with Earth.

There are trials and tribulations weakening the Spirit as we encounter various ‘tests’ in life. There are many who (ab)use our Spirit for their own desire to feed of  IT as a supply source, with no feedback but a narcissistic violation of equality. Therefore we do need to learn about such types of violation of the divine, and strengthen the strategies to navigate through and out of such hardships.

There are throughout history many Messengers who has given mankind lots of wise advices to help us navigate. However it is built in a “youth-code” into our blueprints; the new generations will question and revolt against previous builders. If a senior builder has a weak self and prestigious pride with self serving attitude, it will lead to great conflicts due to natural instincts being suppressed in the not rigid young ones. Much of the conservative seniors suppression are linked to control issues, self defence mechanisms and fear of transformation. It is necessary to understand these NATURAL evolutionary transformational steps mankind are going through ~ and not suppress it or desiring things to ‘always staying the same’; that is unnatural. The only thing constant is change!

We who are in the generations holding the torch must know it is meant to be a moment of seeing the world from OUR point of view, only to be left ‘behind’ from us to The Next One ~ the New Light, who will build something new ‘on top of IT’…

It is in honour of The One’s COMING I am creating this blog, as a ‘testament’ of various experiences of those who where here first. If the New One is wishing a guidebook of past mistakes, knowing about lessons learnt and warnings of eventualities – this blog could be IT.

I am grateful for the ones I have found being co-creators desiring the same goal as me; You are helping to manifest what IS to COME. There are so many beautiful Spirits around so I wont name names, but if I have posted Your videos or quotes, You will Know You are part of the One’s who have IT.

Thank You for taking the time to read through what is shared here, and for You participating in this journey, for giving your piece of the puzzle, for co-creating such beautiful mosaic of sacred geometry.

Let us life the veils!

Blessings, from the sacred and holy in me, to the sacred and holy in you! When you are in your center, and I am in mine; we are One!


Enigma Wonder’in Spirit


3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Elohisa K'Inan October 21, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    Hello WonderinSpirit….I was navigating looking for more ‘technical information’ on 432Hz and came across your writing…wonderful work brother, and glad to see this knowledge and wisdom is spreading widely, I am a 432Hz Harmonic of Light Pioneer in Australia since about 3 years ago when I encountered the Divine Harmonic, however have been working with Sound for about 20 years through other Sacred practices like Mantra Meditation, Gong Therapy and Voice Healing. I have a facebook page called Holon Music 432Hz Tuning Consciousness Beyond 2012 I was wondering if you would not mind could I share your beautiful article?
    Thank you and many blessings
    In Lackesh
    Elohisa K’Inan

  2. Anonymous February 26, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    Hello Namaste. Hope u r well. Life is a test, trial & journey; the most important test, trial & journey! As with every test, trial & journey, a result & destination. As with every trial, the judge. Everything has design, order (e.g. law of gravity) & purpose; hence the designer & law-giver, God. Thru out time, God has sent His message of salvation, good news & warnings to human beings and spirits via His messengers & prophets. The messengers’ message- ” There is no god but God, your God is One, and I am His messenger (believe in me/ follow me/ I am the way- the truth- the light). P.S. The Creator, God creates & created everything from nothing i.e. His creation- the universe & its contents: [human beings, spirits(jinn), stars, planets etc- from point zero i.e. nothing (big bang)] and angels, paradise, hell. The Creator, …”God is the One & Only; Free from all wants; Unbeggetting & Unbeggotten; There is none comparable to Him”… Quran Chapter 112. May God guide us and dispose of our affairs toward piety, success, comfort & ease. With love, Obi Aja-Okorie.

  3. rawa August 15, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    hi, this is what i believe and i have had dreams about this many times. theres a lot more i can share with you i always wanted help to put my words out. i have put everything together and can show that everything goes back to energy that even ones energy can live for ever if he/she can learn how to control it before it leaves the body. god is what we created by putting our energy into him everyday through prayer and thoughts.

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